A - Closer look at: Cursed Equipment

The release of Allods Online Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, will bring many changes to the world of Sarnaut.  Some of these changes are to help improve the game, some are to provide new and exciting content to experience, and some of it is specifically to address the fantastic feedback from our vocal community.


The Fear of Death


Fear of Death was a controversial and unpopular "debuff," or negative spell, that acted as a death penalty in Allods Online.  Upon dying, a character received a curse under which all of their statistics were reduced by 25% -- unless a character was under the influence of Incense, or was able to give an offering of Mirra to a Servant of Light.  Players tested this mechanic extensively, and let the Game Master team know what they thought.  That feedback was forwarded on to our developers, and we are pleased to announce that the Fear of Death will vanish in Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat.


Cursed Equipment


Replacing the Fear of Death mechanic is the implementation of Cursed Items.  Rather than receiving a penalty for each and every character death, players now have a very small chance of receiving a curse on one slot of their equipment each time they die.


These curses are only effective on items which are of "rare" (or blue) quality of higher.  This means that if the cursed slot is empty, or if an item of uncommon (or green) quality or lower is equipped in the cursed slot, the curse will be completely deflected.


It is important to note that this mechanic is completely different from the Fear of Death system.  With Fear of Death, players received the penalty each and every time they died.  However, under the new system, players will not be cursed each time they die.  There is only a very small chancethat one inventory slot will be cursed, and if there is no "rare" (or blue), "epic" (or purple), or "legendary" (or orange) item in that slot, the curse will be cancelled all together.  


When an item is cursed, rather than adding a bonus to a character's statistics, it subtracts the bonus instead.  For example, if a belt normally gives +8 Wisdom, when cursed, it would take away -8 Wisdom instead.


 These curses can be prevented completely by wearing a protective charm called a Phylactery of Passage.


These handy beads will give you safe passage through purgatory, you will be immune from any item curses.  One will be consumed for each death, and there can be up to 1000 in a single stack.


Once you have acquired a few Phylacteries of Passage, you can right click the icon in your bag, and they will be equipped on your character screen (I).



As an added bonus, the loot tables for instance and raid bosses has been expanded.  Now, in addition to their normal loot, bosses can also drop additional cursed items.  If you win one such item, or if one of your pieces of equipment falls victim to a curse, worry not!  The curse can be removed by using a Parchment of Purification:


 A Rare Parchment of Purification will remove curses from Rare (blue) quality items.

 An Epic Parchment of Purification will remove curses from Epic (purple) quality items or lower.

 A Legendary Parchment of Purification will remove curses from Legendary (orange) quality items or lower.


To use these items, right click on the icon in your back -- your cursor will turn into a cog wheel.  Then, left click on the cursed item.  The curse will be removed and the item will be restored to normal.