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How to create my account? Help me choose my faction Find your guild on the Guild Portal     Read the Allods FAQ
How to protect my account? Help me choose my archetype Find your info on Allods wiki     Post on the technical forums
How to Top up my account? Help me fine-tune my build Become a fan on Allods Facebook     Submit a ticket to Support
How to earn free gPotato? Discover Allods Online universe Watch videos on Allods Youtube     Help I got hacked!
How to use the Boutique? Find out more guides and focus Keep in touch on Allods Twitter     I can't connect or log in
How to invite/refer a friend? Read the latest patch notes Find the best Allods fan-sites     Rules and Policies

Free to play MMORPG with player controlled Space Astral battleship in a fantasy space opera universe. 2factions, 28classes, 1700quests, PvP, PvE, raid, instance, boss monster, pets, guild, crafting. © 2011 Gala Networks Europe Ltd. © 2011 Astrum Nival, Powered by Mail.Ru All rights reserved.
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