A - The Imperial Ship "Invincible"

The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Races: Xadaganians


The Imperial Ship "Invincible" is the introduction for the Empire faction.

While transporting a highly classified device, the Invincible comes under attack by a League ship. League soldiers begin boarding the ship and storming the armory. After fending off the first wave of assault troopers, the Imperials become aware that the attack was aimed at stealing the device, and entrust its protection to the player.

While battling the League ship at range, the battle is interrupted by the appearance of an Octhulu demon. Eventually, the Invincible succumbs to the onslaught and is destroyed, but not before the player is able to use the coveted device - a teleportation stone - to escape back to the Empire's capital city of Nezebgrad.



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