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02 - Arena of death

Introducing the Arena of Death, the next step in Player VS Player combat throughout the allods.


Claim your Glory in the Arena of Death!

Take on relentless foes from across the allods and mark your place in history for the honour of your faction.  Reaching the ever unstable Yazes Shard, you can easily find the arena between the two factions’ camps.  Faction based combat can be had in this arena anytime, with a special buff activated in one hour periods, every 4 hours.


All who enter the centre of the arena during those 1 hour periods, will be granted a special buff to earn an increased 50% combat Glory points!  This buff will be automatically removed once you leave the centre of the arena, although you may still engage in PvP combat anywhere within the Arena of Death.


Why not take advantage of this downtime by completing daily quests and assisting your guild mates.


*Upon entering the arena, you will fall from a distance that will cause damage.

Be careful as that can be a major disadvantage going into the arena.

First, you must complete tasks to earn the right to enter the Arena of Death.  In Yazes Shard, League players will seek Rogneda Boykova, Empire players will seek Adam Verkhovin.



After completing their tasks visit the Guard of the Arena of Death, eternally safeguarding the arena’s entrance.



Death within the arena does not end your chance for greater Glory.  Although Purgatory awaits, once freed you will return within the arena, near the Priestess of Darkness.  She can assist you with purchasing potions and Mirra to help remove the Fear of Death.


*You still remain in the arena when you log out.

Be careful, there is a 20 second period where your character is in-game and does not move, while logging out or exiting the game.

Leaving the arena is a simple matter, although, there is only one exit.  Massive stairs lead to the upper levels of the arena and around to the front, where the Guardian resides.  Jump down from the broken staircase and you will be free from the Arena of Death.


*Be careful when attempting to leave, others may prey on those seeking escape!