10 - Goblinoball

A sport began long ago by the Orc tribes of Sarnaut, giving a way for their competitive and aggressive nature to be focused in non-deadly combat... on the pitch!

Un sport a commencé depuis longtemps par les tribus Orc de Sarnaut, en donnant une voie pour leur nature compétitive et agressive à être concentrée dans la bataille non-mortelle ... sur le terrain!

Blood, sweat, and goblin tears are shed daily on the fields of “peaceful-combat”. Grown from a tribal sport, Goblin-O-Ball has become the unmatched passed time for all inhabitants of the allods. Fans dress in Blue and Red clothing, scarves, and even adorn face and body paint to show their support.

Le sang, la sueur et les déchirures de lutin sont répandus tous les jours sur les champs "de bataille pacifique". Cultivé d'un sport de tribu, Goblin-O-Ball est devenu le temps passé incomparable pour tous les habitants de l'allods. Les fans s'habillent dans les vêtements Bleus et Rouges, les écharpes et embellissent même le visage et la peinture de corps pour montrer leur soutien.

In Orc culture, heros on the Goblin-O-Ball fields equal those on the battlefields. Strength, agility, and a keen mind are required for this faced passed sport with no stopping for injuries or rest periods. A well known saying, repeated countless times, says it all: "Only your team and your heart can win the match now!"

Dans la culture Orc, heros sur les champs de Goblin-O-Ball égalent ceux sur les champs de bataille. La force, l'agilité et un esprit intelligent sont exigés pour ce sport passé fait face sans arrêt pour les périodes de reste ou les blessures. Un dicton bien connu, des temps sans nombre répétés, dit tout cela : "seulement votre équipe et votre coeur peuvent gagner le match maintenant!"

Competition Island stands as the one link within the war of the factions, bringing players from all races and abilities into the massive stadium where dreams are made or shattered and crushed into the blood soaked ground.

Les éventaires d'Île de Compétition comme un lien dans la guerre des fractions minoritaires, en apportant des joueurs de toutes les courses et des capacités dans le stade massif où les rêves sont faits ou fracassés et écrasés dans le sang ont trempé la terre.

Greeting players and fans alike, with the traditional Orc display of drums, banners, and the “welcoming” faces of Blue and Red team supports. Torches light the walkway leading to the allods largest stadium, ready with open stands for anyone to view the ongoing matches.

Les éventaires d'Île de Compétition comme un lien dans la guerre des fractions minoritaires, en apportant des joueurs de toutes les courses et des capacités dans le stade massif où les rêves sont faits ou fracassés et écrasés dans le sang ont trempé la terre.

Those not playing a match can watch from the stands and support their favourite teams.

Goblin-O-Ball is a simple game, made for easy play and enjoyment for all skill levels. Players must form 2 groups, each will choose a captain to speak with the Blue or Red team recruiter (NPC), and start the game once inside the stadium.

The team captain will be the party leader and the one to speak with the NPC to join their team for a match.
“Start the Game” must be used by both team captains before the match can begin. After both captains have used this ability, the preparation time will begin, leading to the start of the match.
Preparation time of 15 minutes is given to both teams to allow everyone a chance to get into starting positions and communicate on field. Once this time is up, the icon fades and the match timer will begin.
Each player will have a buff to indicate what team they are on.

However, if you disable this buff, you will be removed from the match and cannot rejoin until the next match!This may change in the future.

If a player leaves during a match, you may not substitute with other players.

“Take it to the Field”, allows the team captain to bring another player into the match. If the team is not all together for the beginning of the match, a team captain may allow an additional player into the match every 5 minutes. Using a special ability the captain may select someone from their party who is not currently in the stadium, but on Competition Island, to join the game.

Teams may not exceed 6 players and all players must be in the group before the match begins.
Matches last for a maximum of 30 minutes or until a team has reached 9 goals. All players are automatically teleported out of the stadium once the match has ended. There is no extra/penalty time as there are no referees and no such thing as a “penalty” in this game!

Players are given three basic abilities that can be applied in various situations throughout the match. As the Goblin-ball does not enjoy the sport as much as the players do, you may find it goes off in odd angels or various distances.

Kicking the ball from different angles will help to control, some-what, the ball’s direction and move it down the field. A goal scoring kick can be from just about anywhere, just watch out for the ball stopping on the line or just inside the goalies area... you never know what that crazy Goblin might do!
Passing the ball will attempt to kick the ball to the nearest friendly player. This can get messy when multiple players are fighting for control of the ball. Passing the ball out of an area may allow for other players to retain control and keep it away from your opponents.
”Sprint” will increase your movement speed for 10 seconds. This can be a very useful tactic when coordinating with your team, or very damaging if used at the wrong time!
After any “sprint”, a player is left tired with reduced movement speed for 10 seconds.

The goal area has a white boarder and encompasses the goal itself. A player on your team, who enters your goal area will become the temporary goalie and have special abilities to help protect the “cage”.


If a player from the opposite team enters the goal area, a de-buff will automatically be applied that prevents him from kicking the ball. This de-buff will not be removed until that player has moved far enough away from the goal area.
Although there are not many rules in Goblin-O-Ball, it’s never good to rush down the goalie! Goal keepers can change easily in Goblin-O-Ball and often times a well organised team can take advantage of this. The first player to enter your team’s goal area will be given special goalie abilities to help defend the net (or “cage” as the Orcs refer to it). Leaving this area will cause the abilities to be instantly removed, returning the normal player abilities.
“Goalkeeper’s Blockade” places a giant, almost dead, slug on the ground where the goal keeper is standing at that time. Although this slug will not move, it can block the ball and can cause a distraction at the goal.

When a goal is scored, the crowed will cheer and a flare is sent up at the goal where the point was made. An on-screen announcement will show “Goal!” and the Goblin-ball will return to the centre of the field shortly after.
Goblin-O-Ball does not leave room for the lazy. Once a goal is made, a smart team gets back on defence and watches the centre for another chance to take control. The clock never stops and every score counts to claim true victory and immortal honour on the field of “peaceful-combat”.