11 - Craft

Each character may learn one profession at first, either a crafting profession, or a gathering profession.  Crafting skills will help to create items from various reagents while gathering skills help to collect those reagents.  Items collected using a gathering profession will likely fetch a top price on the auction house.













Learning the Skills


There is no minimum level to begin crafting or gathering, once you visit your factions capital city you can learn a profession by completing a starter’s quest from that profession’s trainer.  Currently a character may have a maximum of 10 profession skill points per adventuring level, though this may change with future content




In order to learn a profession, a character must complete a beginner’s quest from that profession’s trainer.  This quest will teach you the basics of your chosen profession and help you get your first few skill ups.


No further quests are required to increase your profession level; however there will be several in-game to help in learning the system.


Bag Space

Many items gathered and/or used for crafting can be located in the reagents slot of your backpack.  Depending on the skills you choose, various items may be required along with all crafting reagents for each item you wish to create.  These materials will be stackable items in most cases and can be stored in your bank just like other items.


Skill Level

Your skill level will increase the more you successfully gather and craft difficult items.  Crafting items that are below your skill level will not help to increase your skill but can be profitable through sales.  Crafting and gathering skill levels are limited according to the character level.


Crafting Cells

Initially you will have access to 2 cells; each can hold 1 agent for crafting. As your crafting level increases you will have access to more cells.  Higher level crafting will require more agents in various combinations.


Required Items

Tools: Each style of crafting will have required tools that can be obtained through NPCs in game.  As you increase your crafting skill level, you will need to upgrade the quality of tool you use as you gain skill points in your profession.  Your crafting tools must be in your character’s bag, use it (Right+Click) to open the crafting window. Don’t forget! You will need to have Reagents in your bag as well.


Reagents: Each crafting style requires various reagents to create items.  Although you can store reagents in your bank, you must have them in your bag (check the Reagents section of your bag) to craft an item.  There are a variety of reagents you can find throughout the many allods and from other players or the Auction House.


Once a reagent is placed into a cell you can remove that individual reagent by (Click+Drag) out of the window.  You can also reorder the reagents by (Click+Drag).  The order may be important as some games require matching or combinations for best results.





This mini-game is similar to a slot machine.  The goal is to line up a potions components in the correct order.


To create your own potions using Alchemy, follow the steps below: Click the Recipes Button to view all the potions you are currently able to create.



The icons in this window will coincide to the properties listed on the herbs in your reagents collection



Examine your herbs to fine each of your ingredients.


Right click on the herb to place it in the crafting window.  Be careful of the order you place them in, as you will receive a bonus potion if you are able to match the order of the icons as well as the icons themselves.


You can replace, move or adjust the order of the reagents as desired.  If needed, click the “Clean” button to remove all reagents (back to your bag) and clear the window to start over without creating or using anything.


Click the “Boil” button to lock in your selected reagents and begin the crafting process.


The elements for each reagent will spin, ending to show the possible outcome (created item) in the very right side vial, within the crafting window.


You are allowed to make a number of adjustments as determined by your skill level

          - To use these adjustments, click on the up or down arrows in the appropriate column.

  - The Alchemical Absorbent, which can be acquired in the Allods Boutique, will allow you to make further adjustments beyond the amount determined by your skill level.

          - The icon in the far right vial will change as the combination of icons corresponds with potion recipes.


Once satisfied with the combination, click on the icon in the far right vial.  This will open a loot window which will allow you to claim your creation. Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring.




These skills each use the same mini game, which is similar to poker.  The goal of the game is to balance good and bad “cards” in your “hand” for the highest item score.  To craft something using these professions, use the following steps:


To open the recipe view, check the Recipe Book Box.



          - From this window, you will be able to see all items you will be able to make with your current materials and skill level, as well as items you will be able to make as you raise your skill.

          - Items you are able to create will be highlighted in yellow, items you are unable to create will be highlighted in red.


Examine the recipe to learn what materials are needed to craft the item.  Right click on these items in your Reagents bag to add them to the crafting window.


Click Begin.  This will open up a second crafting window.




Top Left: The Dice Symbol shows the number of times you may re-roll.  


  - Click on this to re-roll the items shown in the top of the window.    

  - As your Skill Level increases you will be granted more Rolls per creation.

  - The Equipment Refiner, which can be acquired in the Allods Boutique, will allow you to make additional rolls beyond the amount determined by your skill level.


Top Middle: Your game hand, these items will determine what aspect of the item will be increased or decreased.  This will be composed of a random combination of the following six icons

          - Complexity Improved: This increases the level of the item you will create.

          - Complexity Decreased: This decreases the level of the item you will create.

          - Success Rate Increased: This increases your chance of success.

          - Success Rate Decreased: This will decrease your chance of success.  A negative Success Rate means that you will create a useless item.

          - Quality Increased: The quality of the item will be increased; this determines the “colour” or rarity of the final item.

          - Quality Decreased: The quality of the item will be decreased.


Beneath your hand, there is a group of six buttons with matching icons

          - Each button must be pressed once, and only once, to craft an item.

          - Each button keeps track of the number of icons in your game hand (between 0 and 5).

          - Clicking on the button will add or substract the number displayed from the corresponding column.

          - The goal is to get the highest numbers in each of the three categories in order to achieve the best item possible.


Each time you click a button, the icons at the top are shuffled and redistributed.  

Mining and Herbalism


Gathering skills can be very useful and profitable throughout the many allods you will discover in the world of Sarnaut.  Foraging for Herbs, Mining or Dissembling magical items can all provide useful reagents for crafting or profit on their own.


Learning to Gather:  NPCs at your capital city will sell you a Tome that teaches the ways of gathering.  Each style will have a different trainer and will use a different tool which must be kept in your bag in order to gather.


Required Items: Initially you must purchase a Tome and a Tool from an NPC at your capitol city.  Reading the tome will allow you to learn the skill and begin using the tool in gathering.


Bag Space:  Items gathered will be put into the Main and Reagents sections of your bag.  Aside from the general reagents you will have items for various uses that may be desired by other players as well as useful in your own endeavours.


Using the Skill:  As you near an herb or ore that can be mined, an icon will appear in the bottom-middle of your screen to indicate that you are able to use a Gathering skill.  You must not be moving or in combat at the time and must have the required tool in your bag.  You can be interrupted during the gathering process and must successfully take item into your bag (item will be shown in a separate window).  Nodes are easily recognisable motes of coloured light moving in place.



Not Enough Space: Should your bag not have enough room for an item, you will have to either make room or leave the gathered item behind.  Simply close the window showing the gathered item or move away from that area and it will close automatically.


Interrupted: If interrupted during a gathering attempt, you can try again once you are no longer moving or in combat.


Stopping: You can choose to stop gathering by using the ESC key on your keyboard or moving your character at any time during the process.


Mysterious Metal Shard and Flora Distorter: These items, which can be acquired in the Allods Boutique, allow you to "reroll," or change the result of your first attempt to gather.




Disassembly differs from the other gathering professions in that there is no need to go out into the world looking for nodes to harvest.  Instead, a disassembler turns discarded pieces of leather and cloth armour into usable materials for a tailor.


Tools: There are two primary tools that you will use as a disassembler.


 Pincers:  these will be used to disassemble leather armour.


 Scissors: these will be used to disassemble cloth armour.


As your skill level increases, you will need to use higher quality tools in order to disassemble higher level equipment.


To disassemble a piece of armour, follow these steps:


Right click on the appropriate tool in your bag.  This will transform the cursor into a cog-wheel icon.


Left click on the piece of armour you wish to disassemble.


A loot window will come up, similar to the other gather professions.  Click on the item in the window to transfer the component into your reagents bag.


 Disassembly Instructions, which can be acquired in the Allods Boutique, will allow you to "reroll," or change the result of your first attempt to disassemble.



Professions and the Allods Boutique


We understand and appreciate the dedication it takes to master a profession: the time collecting the rarest ingredients, and the meticulous combination of those ingredients into fantastic high-demand items.


 These handy devices are meant to be a boon to our finest artisans. If you’re having trouble hunting down that extremely rare herb, or digging around for that precious ore, check out the Metal Shards and Flora Distorters.


If you’re trying to turn last level’s hand-me-downs into material for next level’s rare blouse, some Disassembly Instructions may make the process a little easier.


For the best armours and the most efficient potions, Equipment Refiners and Alchemical Absorbents will help make sure that ultimate combine doesn’t go awry.


Be sure to check out these and other treasures in your Allods Boutique today!