A - Starter guide

Getting Yer Sea legs!

Astral ships are only for high-level characters as the construction of one's own ship is an enormous milestone in the development of any character. By this point, players have had the opportunity to explore, learn more about their character, and hone their skills for combat and glory. Taking that experience into the more challenging and ever dangerous, Astral space, requires mastery of one's skills in addition to a well organised and effective team.

At level 35 a character may start a chain of quests to gather resources, learn about, and finally construct an Astral Ship. During an introductory assignment by your faction's Herald, found in the capital, you will be directed to the Astral ship harbour master.Completing further quests will take you throughout the allods and help acquire much of the resources needed to construct your ship. Additional gold, daily quests, and potential crew members can help to complete construction and allow you to finally set sail into the astral.


Currently it may take up to 100 actual days for construction to complete. However, this period can be reduced to as little as 30 days by performing special assignments and heroic adventures. Up to three such assignments may be taken each day, to help in reducing the total contraction time of your vessel.

Each station has unique abilities to help with exploration and combat in the astral. A great crew must know more than just the “basics” if they want to survive and thrive in the deep. When mere seconds matter, every station must be operated by skilled and experienced players.

Claiming Yer Share ~ Dividing the booty

Venturing through the deep astral can lead to high danger and high rewards... If you can keep them. Treasure can be obtained from allods, astral monsters, and even enemy ships.
As various items are looted, they will be stored in the ships treasure room until back at your faction’s port. Once there, the captain can visit the harbour master to remove the loot from the treasure room and all within the party can share the rewards.

*Your ship’s treasure room will store any loot acquired while in the Astral.

*If a ship is destroyed or Un-summoned prior to collecting the loot, all is lost!

Astral Combat

Danger is always a step behind... In the astral it can be above, behind, and all around!

The astral is a 3-D environment where combat can begin any second. Astral monsters roam the deep, allods can be explored, and enemy ships can show up at any time.

Ship to Ship (or Ship to Monster) combat can begin as soon as your ship is in cannon range. An on-screen announcement is made once any possible enemy is within firing range and various systems on board can help to keep you informed of potential dangers within the sector.

Once a ship has lost all shields, players can engage in direct PvP action across decks. Docking ships together and using the transport pads, you can cross onto the attacking ship or stay to defend your own.

For the aggressor, the goal is simple. Make it into your enemy’s treasure room to steal their hard earned loot, break their engine so they cannot chase after, and dock safely at your harbour to divvy up the booty!


*Your map will show your ship and direction, other ships, allods, monsters, wreckage (destroyed ships), wormholes, and more!

Full speed ahead!

Gather your crew for a heroic adventure on a distant allod, deep in astral space. Adventures in the astral can involve; exploring allods in the deep astral, combat with astral monsters and demons, defeating enemies of the opposing faction, and even pirates!

Choose a location or allod to explore, once you have located and safely docked to the Allod you wish to explore, a 45 minute timer will begin. This allows for exploration, questing, and group raiding on the distant allods. Once the time is up, the party will be sent back to their ship automatically.

Rewards include chests which may contain item sets that have been balanced and offer features to meet the objectives of specific classes.

Attack, Defend, Loot, or Plunder!