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F - Navigator’s Visor

Navigator’s Visor
Navigation in the deep can be a joy or a torment, helping to plot routes and direct the crew passed dangers and onto greater glory. The Navigator’s Visor detects ships and astral monsters within the current region, gathers more details about a target, and determines the status of devices on board. The Navigator’s Visor has the ability to rebalance your ship’s shields, begin emergency cooling of the engine, and assist in combat.

  1. Balance Shields: Balances the damage between all shield sections
  2. Intense Cooling: Removes 50% of the reactor’s heat load
  3. Sharp Turn: Makes a sharp (180) reversal of the ship (This manoeuvre has a chance of engine failure of the vessel).
    • The Helmsman may need to be ready to correct the vessel if the engine fails during this manoeuvre as the ship may continue to spin until stopped manually.
  4. Diversionary Shot: Increases the chance that the next cannon shot will inflict critical damage and cause a random failure within an enemy vessel.

This unique display allows the Navigator easy access to vital information for quick and decisive reactions.