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G - Goblin Mechanic Team

Goblin Mechanic Team ~ Repairing your ship on the go

*Three Repair Mechanics ready to serve at a moments’ notice: Goblin Apprentice, Goblin Repairman, and Goblin Mechanic.

Every ship requires a good repair team, especially during combat. Due to this, each ship comes equipped with a dedicated team of Goblins, ready to serve when forced.

The more skilled the mechanic, the more energy will be used during the repair process. Should the ship reactor fail, the repair teams will be unable to perform further actions until the reactor is back online.

To begin repairs, a player must descend into the hold of the ship, grab one of the repair slaves and take them to site of damage. As the Goblin is placed near something that is damaged, they will begin repairs straight away, but at a Goblin’s pace.

If the player takes damage during the repair process, the Goblin will be lost and repairs for that area will stop. A new repair slave must be taken from the hold and brought to the site of damage, in order to complete repairs.

*If the hull is damaged, its repair is only possible in the port at the shipyard. Recovery will require both time and dedicated resources... you’ve been warned!