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H - Cannoneer


Astral ships are equipped with three types of cannons : Astral Cannons, Elongated Astral Cannons, and Astral Mortars. Any character may be a cannoneer by going to and using any cannon(s) during combat. Although it seems simple, the fire power of any vessel is only as good as its cannoneers.

Hitting your target in astral combat takes skill and precise timing. Be on the lookout and keep your finger on the trigger!

Astral Cannons are single shot with a 30 second cooldown. Elongated Astral Cannons have a longer range and the same 30 second cooldown time. You will find one Elongated cannon on deck at each side, with the Astral Cannons.

It is possible for 1 person to fire multiple cannons on one side, on rotation, within the given cooldown times.

Astral Mortar cannons will continuously fire until you use the Stop Firing command. Each shot requires a lot of power and continuously firing the mortar will cause your engine to overheat.
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