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I - Astral Mana Reactor

Astral Mana Reactor

The Mana Reactor is the heart of every ship. It converts astral substance into energy for devices throughout the vessel. When the mana reactor is not running, the ship and all its instruments will not work. Indicators will help to monitor the energy consumption and temperature of the reactor.

Each astral ship has a hull strength of 12,000 units, with a surrounding shield that helps to take some of the impact from many enemies. Over time, while out of combat, this shield will automatically regain strength, indicated by numbers and a colour system shown through the visor and helm display.

A ships reactor is the main engine to produce shields, create movement, and fire the astral cannons. The maximum permissible load on the reactor should not exceed 1500 units, you will want to monitor the power load indicator closely to avoid possible problems. The indicator is located on-screen, in the upper right corner, along with indicators for shields, hull, compass, and other ship status data.

During excessive manoeuvring and/or damage to the ship, the reactor can overheat. Overheating will lead to the failure of other devices and may even harm the crew!

The engine’s status will determine the ships maximum speed and acceleration rate. Conditions that affect the ship can also affect the performance of the engine, in addition to any enemies or pirates seeking to destroy it on purpose.

  1. Emergency Shut Down: (Shuts the reactor off for 5 seconds to instantly reduce heat and allow quicker restoration of energy).
  2. Self-Destruct: Will cause the ship to self destruct in 5 seconds, if the player stops or is interrupted during this time, the action is cancelled.