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J - Astral Compass

Astral Compass

*The astral compass replaces your ground map compass, shown in the top-right corner of your screen.

The astral compass is a quick reference for the basic functions of the ship. While not at a specific station, this compass and the map can be used in combination to stay informed of your ship and any threats. Details provided include:

  • Your ship’s Name
  • Hull HP
  • Engine heat and power levels
  • Heading in degrees, speed in knots, and pitch in metres/second

Icons below the main compass will provide details about the conditions of various ship stations, weapons, and shields. The general condition of each area is reflected with colour indicators (Green, Yellow, Red). Scrolling over an icon will indicate details about the components related:


Turbine %
Motor %
Astral Shield %


Steering Wheel %

Astral Cannons (Left & Right)

Astral Cannon %
Elongated Astral Cannon %
Astral Shield %

Astral Cannons (Left & Right)

Astral Shield