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02 - Repair

Hangar Repairs
When a ship is badly damaged while in the astral, the wreckage may be left behind, but the players are sent home, to their faction’s capital allod. Loot on board is lost and the captain must return to the harbour master to begin repairs. Players can join another ship for further astral adventures while awaiting repairs.
Resources are required to repair a broken vessel; these can be purchased from an NPC near the transport pad used to go to the Hangar. Once you have the required components, visit your harbour master to begin repairs on your ship.
Select from a sliding scale to determine the amount % you wish to restore your ship’s total health to. The time it will take will show as you adjust the slide. Although you can leave the hangar with a damaged ship, it is not recommended as Astral Demons, your enemy faction, and pirates will all be on the lookout for easy prey.

*Cancelling repairs early will not repair the ship at all and any resources used will be lost.