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H - Shields

Astral Shields protect the ship from incoming fire by absorbing most of the damage (some damage will always pass through the shields and hit the hull). Each Shield costs 37
g 50s to create.

Shields cannot be repaired in the Astral, you need to return to the hangar in order to do that.

When choosing the combination of shields, it is important to have a balance between their Power and Recovery rate. Higher Power is important for front and rear shields - rear shield will usually take the most damage, while the front will need to withstand a lot of damage if you decide to ram a demon (or to provide additional Power for Balancing shields through the Visor). Higher Recovery Rate is more important to the side shields - they will usually need to be restored fast after a cannon fight. Different players use different combinations according to their tactics.


  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Power: the amount of damage that can be absorbed by the shield (if the shield power drops to zero, it will no longer absorb damage)
  • Recovery Rate: the amount of Power that is automatically restored every second
  • Energy Consumption: the amount of reactor energy consumed for every point of recovered Power

You can sort the table by clicking on the File:Sorting.png icons.

Shield  ↓ Weight  ↓ Power  ↓ Recovery Rate  ↓ Energy C.  ↓ Crystal   ↓
Astral Shield 2.5 5400 30 0.35
Epic Astral Shield 3.306 7142 39.7 0.26 Perfect Glowing
Epic Massive Astral Shield 4.629 9998 39.7 0.26 Perfect Glowing
Glittering Astral Shield 4.025 8694 34.5 0.35 Unusual Shiny
Massive Astral Shield 3.5 7560 30 0.35 Shiny
Pulsating Astral Shield 3 6480 36 0.39 Glowing
Resilient Astral Shield 2.875 6210 48.3 0.38 Unusual Glowing
Shimmering Astral Shield 2.5 5400 42 0.38 Shiny
Rare Massive Astral Shield 3.45 7452 41.4 0.39 Unusual Glowing
Rare Shimmering Astral Shield 2.012 4347 41.4 0.39 Unusual Sparkling

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