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E - Reactors

Reactors provide energy to all ship devices. Each Reactor costs 150g to create.

Reactor is one of the most important parts of a ship. To choose the ideal reactor, take into consideration the other devices that you are planning to use. If the devices use small amounts of energy but very often, you will need a reactor with lower Maximum Load but with a lot of Power. Power-hungry devices that use more energy but less often (such as Artilleries or powerful Cannons) will benefit more from a less powerful reactor that has higher capacity. As a general rule, more Power is better.

If the ship uses up more energy than the reactor can provide (the Reactor Load indicator will go to red), the reactor will shut down, burst or explode. Shutting down will immobilize the ship, bursting will damage all devices on the ship, while an explosion will destroy the ship.


  • Strength: durability (hitpoints) of the device
  • Weight: weight of the device (affects the speed of the ship)
  • Maximum Load: the capacity of the reactor (the amount of energy it can generate before it overheats).
  • Power: the amount of heat that is removed every second

You can sort the table by clicking on the File:Sorting.png icons.

Reactor  ↓ Strength  ↓ Weight  ↓ Maximum Load  ↓ Power  ↓ Crystal   ↓
Reactor 5000 10 1500 50
Compact Reactor 4000 8 1200 60 Shiny Reactor Crystal
Energized Reactor 6500 13 1950 50 Shiny Reactor Crystal
Pulsing Reactor 5500 11 1500 70 Glowing Reactor Crystal
Stabilized Reactor 5500 11 1650 55 Glowing Reactor Crystal
Powerful Compact Reactor 5290 10.58 1587 79.35 Perfect Glowing Reactor Crystal
Powerful Energized Reactor 8596 17.193 2579 66.125 Perfect Glowing Reactor Crystal
Rare Reactor 5750 11.5 1725 57.5 Unusual Shiny Reactor Crystal
Rare Compact Reactor 4600 9.2 1380 69 Unusual Glowing Reactor Crystal
Rare Energized Reactor 7475 14.95 2243 57.5 Unusual Glowing Reactor Crystal
Rare Pulsing Reactor 6325 12.65 1725 80.5 Unusual Sparkling Reactor Crystal
Rare Stabilized Reactor 6325 12.65 1898 63.25 Unusual Sparkling Reactor Crystal
Epic Reactor 6612 13.225 1984 66.125 Perfect Shiny Reactor Crystal

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