G - Tribaliste


Races: GibberlingsKaniansOrcs
Roles: DPS
Attributes: Luck, Intelligence, Perception, Wisdom
Armor: Cloth (1), Leather (10)
Weapons: Staves, One-Handed and Two-Handed Maces, One-Handed and Two-Handed Spears, Paired Fist Weapons, Off-Hands, and Wands

Wardens are masters of nature and all the power it holds. They can cast powerful offensive spells and call upon lightning bolts and thunderstorms to destroy their enemies. They can also create magical potions which can help them in battle. Wardens have also mastered close combat techniques and can easily rip an enemy to shreds. However, their most powerful tool is the ability to command a loyal and ferocious pet to aid them in their travels.

Wardens can use staves, one-handed maces and spears, two-handed maces and spears, paired fist weapons, off-hands, and wands. Wardens can be a Gibberling animist or a Kanian druid in the League, or an Orcish shaman in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Growl” commands the warden’s pet to rush the target and force them to attack only the pet.

The Gibberlings are traditionally a nomadic race and they always strive to live in harmony with nature. Because of this bond they are able to become strong wardens. During the race’s wanderings, the animists were an indispensible part of the community. They ensured the Gibberlings’ survival through the use of nature magic that invigorated the hunters and healed the wounded. Because of their wisdom, the animists often become respected elders and spiritual counselors of young Sprouts.


Special Skill: “Roar” commands the warden’s pet to scare the target, sending them running in fear.

The druids are an ancient order that originates from pagan traditions. To become a real druid, most initiates find a personal mentor and then spend many years as a hermit. Unlike most other fighters, druids do not join the military. They typically appear and disappear when they choose, appearing at critical moments that sway the tide of battle in their country’s favor. Once they have done what they set out to do, they vanish and move on. This led to many legends being built around them. “The druids are our last hope” is a phrase that League soldiers typically utter when the outcome of a battle is hanging by a thread.



Special Skill: “Spiritual Link” temporarily causes the warden and their pet to split all damage taken.

The shamans are the only group of Orcs that traditionally studied the magical arts. They began to appear around 500 years ago, when a powerful Shaman Chief rose to power and encouraged the study of nature magic as well as harmony with wild beasts. For a long time afterwards, shamans ruled their tribes and were greatly respected. However, today the shamans’ influence among their people is almost gone and warriors have taken up the mantle of leadership. This leaves most remaining shaman struggling to survive life in their tribes, or leaving home for the acceptance of the Imperial Army.