F - Invocateur


Races: ElvesXadaganiansArisen
Roles: DPSHealer
Attributes: Luck, Intelligence, Perception, Faith, Wisdom
Armor: Cloth
Weapons: Staves, One-Handed Daggers, Two-Handed Spears, Off-Hands, and Wands

Summoners have learned to master the dark power of death magic. They have the ability to drain the very life from their enemies and transfer it to their allies, making them extremely proficient at healing many allies at once. Summoners are also able to cast many offensive spells, and can inflict their foes with deadly poisons and shadowy diseases. Additionally, they can command undead and demonic minions to aid them in battle.

Summoners can use staves, one-handed daggers, two-handed spears, off-hands, and wands. Summoners can be an Elven demonologist in the League, or an Arisen savant or a Xadaganian defiler in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Demonic Curse” inflicts the target with a curse that leeches their life and transfers it to the summoner and his minion.

The use of death magic was once forbidden by the Elves. Along with mind magic, it and those who practiced it were held in high disdain. However, the Elves have recently changed their views and it is now accepted by the race. This revolution was largely caused by the activities of the de Desirae family, who pointed out the beauty there can be in both death and creation. Only a select few choose to study it, but it becomes more widespread among their ranks every day, making the summoners some of the rarest but most powerful fighters in the League.



Special Skill: “Dark Touch” fully heals the summoner’s minion.

All Arisen are naturally gifted in the magic of death for they themselves are undead. However, over time the role of this art in the Arisen culture has drastically changed. For hundreds of years, an Arisen Summoner’s main task was to aid in the resurrection of the Zem people to create more of their kind. But today, many choose to use their skills in new and creative ways. They can use their magic to destroy their enemies, as well as heal those that are still living. This innovation led to them being called by a new name – Savants.


Special Skill: “Art of Reanimation” temporarily increases the Strength and Expertise of the summoner’s minions by 30%.

In the Empire, very few activities are banned if they are capable of winning a battle. When the Arisen joined the Empire, they were encouraged to teach Xadaganians how to master death magic. This resulted in the creation of fearsome defilers, all-purpose soldiers capable of both wearing down their enemies and healing their allies. Despite the strangeness of these soldiers, they were quickly accepted by the other members of the army and signify the Empire’s devotion to progress at any cost.