E - Eclaireur


Races: GibberlingsKaniansXadaganiansOrcs
Roles: DPS
Attributes: Luck, Strength, Finesse, Expertise
Armor: Leather
Weapons: One-Handed and Paired Daggers, One-Handed and Paired Swords, One-Handed and Paired Maces, One-Handed and Paired Axes, Sword and Dagger, One-Handed Spears, Paired Fist Weapons, Bows, and Crossbows

Scouts are agile and ruthless fighters that will use any means necessary to win a battle. They excel at both ranged and close combat techniques, and can deal high amounts of damage to their enemies in a short period of time. Scouts can also weaken their enemies and impede their movements with special blows and enchanted arrows. With the added ability to camouflage themselves and sneak up on unsuspecting foes, scouts are powerful fighters that few can defeat.

Scouts can use one-handed daggers, swords, maces, axes, and spears, paired daggers, swords, maces, axes, and fist weapons, sword and dagger, bows, and crossbows. Scouts can be a Gibberling trickster or a Kanian ranger in the League, or an Orcish marauder or a Xadaganianstalker in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Crafty Snare” throws a net on the target that roots them in their place.

Tricksters are the most common types of fighters among the Gibberlings. Long ago they learned to use their small size and agility to become excellent hunters. They learned how to approach their prey unnoticed and lure them into devious traps. Their skills allowed their people to survive as nomads for hundreds of years, supplying food and fending off any threats. They have recently refined their techniques, sometimes finishing off a foe before they even have a chance to fight back. This has gained them much respect, and they are considered some of the fiercest fighters in the League.


Special Skill: “Blinding Shot” inflicts damage and temporarily blinds the target.

Rangers were one of the earliest types of fighters that appeared in Kania. Traditionally Kanian armies consisted of countless warriors on the front lines and even more rangers in the back that rained arrows down upon their enemies. Their role remains very similar, but today they are also used as spies that make stealthy intrusions into enemy territory, gathering information that could win their country wars. They are very fast, agile, and capable of adapting to any situation. Because of this, they are often looked to by the troops when quick decisions must be made.



Special Skill: “No Escape” allows the scout to prevent their target from becoming invisible.

A large number of Orcs do not acknowledge any figure of authority. These unsociable, independent individuals are typically known as marauders, and they are experts at stealthy intrusions and quick assassinations. True marauders have accepted the fact that killing an enemy in “unfair combat” is morally acceptable, and there is little they won’t do to achieve their goals. However, as the influence of the Empire increases among the Orcs, the number of marauders continues to dwindle as they are encouraged to give up their nomadic ways and fight for the collective good.


Special Skill: “Cloaked Mine” plants an invisible mine that explodes when an enemy goes near it.

Stalkers are the best spies and assassins in the Imperial army. They will use any means necessary to ensure the Empire is victorious, even if it means using methods others would consider unfair. While many Scouts avoid open battle while completing their missions, they can easily defend themselves even when outnumbered due to their sheer skills in combat. Because of their extraordinary instincts and ruthlessness, they are able to win in situations where other troops would surrender.