C - Paladin


Races: ElvesKaniansXadaganians, Orcs
Roles: DPS, Tank
Attributes: Luck, Strength, Finesse, Expertise
Armor: Leather (1), Plate (20)
Weapons: One-Handed and Two-Handed Swords, One-Handed and Two-Handed Maces, One-Handed and Two-Handed Axes, Sword and Dagger, Shields, and Wands

Paladins are holy warriors that fight to uphold the ideals of their church. They have mastered many close combat techniques and use their weapons as well as the power of the Light to defeat their enemies. They are also very skilled at protecting their allies, and can easily direct an enemy’s blows to themselves. This valiant intervention is common for paladins, for they can withstand even the most brutal attacks with the use of magical holy barriers.

Paladins can use one-handed swords, maces, and axes, two-handed swords, maces, and axes, sword and dagger, shields, and wands. Paladins can be an Elven templar or a Kanian crusader in the League, or an Orcish reaver or a Xadaganian avenger in the Empire.



Special Skill: “Pious Brand” inflicts damage and increases the target’s wound complexity.

Holy magic was unknown to the Elves until recently. After they joined the League, the Kanians introduced them to the teachings of the Church of Light. The Elves believe that using holy magic gives them an opportunity to live a life of both beauty and service. While most of them became Priests, a few decided to make use of their natural agility and become paladins. Previously, the Elves practiced no forms of physical combat, and thus the Elven templars combined two new techniques to become revolutionary fighters. This has led to a great change in the Elves’ role in the world of Sarnaut.


Special Skill: “Zealous Blow” inflicts the target with a deep wound that deals damage over time.

Crusaders are devout followers of the Church of Light. They spend their days serving the Church, striving to be an example of courage and selflessness on the battlefield as well as in civilian life. They wield both holy magic as well as heavy weapons against the enemies of the Church. Because of their convictions, they are particularly remorseless fighters against demons and heretics, and they strive to protect Kania’s citizens from their tainted influences. For this reason, they served as the backbone of the armies that fought the demons in the Great Astral Campaign.



Special Skill: “Exhaust Evil” inflicts damage and burns the target’s mana or energy.

Orcs may be the most anarchic and freedom-loving creatures in the world. They consider themselves to be their own bosses, and despite their tribal ties their own well-being is their number one priority. And while the Orcs possess incredible strength and endurance, they are very unskilled in the art of magic. It is because of these reasons that most Orcs reject the Trinity Church, seeing the holy magic it offers as useless and the rules it enforces as suffocating. However, a few have accepted its doctrines and learned to combine holy magic with their brutish strength, becoming powerful reavers.


Special Skill: “Rousing Shout” temporarily reduces the damage taken by the paladin’s party members.

The avengers are a new kind of unit in the Imperial Army. They are the ideological leaders of the military’s forces, and they help keep it the most organized army in Sarnaut. They use the words of the Trinity Church and their personal example of courage and valor to inspire their companions, while they defeat their foes with holy magic and the powerful blows of their weapons. Due to the newness of this order, many have not yet had the opportunity to prove themselves in battle, but they are eager to fight and prove the strength that can come with following the Church.