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In order to become a registered fan site for Allods Online, we require the following conditions are met. These rules can be amended without any prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

The Website:

  • Limits the use of Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders/Redirections to another website.
  • Is free of any pornographic/offensive material.
  • Is exclusively dedicated to Allods Online (No Multi-game websites etc...).
  • Must be updated at least once a week in order to be maintained on our website.
  • Must be compatible with common browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Does not contain ads that promote sales of gold or items for real-world currency or encourage any cheating.
  • Is run by members who are committed so as to not de-motivate the Allods Online community.
  • Should place a positive light on Allods Online and its community with quality content.
  • Should display copyright, logos and legal information when given the required information. Should also be credited to the official website.
  • Clearly separates any rumours or opinions from official Allods Online news.
  • Should follow and understand our Terms of Use, Games User Agreement, and Rules of Conduct.

Download the Fan site kit
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