23 - Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor - More features and Quests tomorrow

allods online volume 2 rise of gorluxor header

The Allods Online Game Master team is pleased to announce that, with the launch of Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, several brand new quests and some very old, infamously removed quests have been added for players all across the allods! Here, we thought we'd give a sneak peak of what will arrive in the allods tomorrow!

Dream Factory (Empire, level 22):

allods online dream factory

Players of the empire will have a unique opportunity to serve Yasker and the Empire! Two Arisen scientists have uncovered a new and exciting way to transmit messages: by transmitting not only the sound but the images of the message. This revolutionary technique provides a new and exciting chance for Imperial citizens to spread the glory and adulation of the Empire across all the allods! Speak to Elizaveta Rysina beneath Yasker's Tower to find out what you can do to forward this noble project.

allods online Elizaveta Rysina

The Bunker (Empire, Level 8):

Uncover an unsavoury conspiracy to hide a seedy underwold inhabited by some of the highest ranking political officials! Your work towards this will introduce you to new and strange company as well as give you access to Nezebgrad's more exciting activities. Speak to Pavel Nevolin in the Old Square to find out more about this assignment!

allods online Pavel Nevolin

The Kanian Bathhouse (League, Level 9):

Discover some alternative therapeutic techniques deep in the Northern Birchwoods and help open the minds of the Church of Light's Priests and Priestesses. Speak to Denis Kokarev near Aidenus' Tower to begin your curative journey.

allods online Denis Kokarev

Ivanov's Night (League, Level 20):

Partake in a night of passion and true love with this ancient festival! Perform the rites and rituals and find that one special person, for a single night or for a lifetime! An old Warden named Zamyata Lovenoff on the shores of Raspberry River will guide you through the ritual and towards your one true love.

allods online Zamyata Lovenoff

Phylacteries of Passage -- A New Charter of Novograd and Special Delivery

The Allods Online Game Master team often consider ourselves lucky to have such a fantastic, passionate and vocal community, and we make sure that the feedback that they give us is heard. Two of the largest concerns of Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat were the new Tep's Curse mechanic, and the changes to the way incense works.

We have worked closely with our developers in regards to the Incense, and we will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

However, we are pleased to announce that with the release of Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, the inconvenience many players experienced due to Tep's Curse will be addressed. The quests A New Charter of Novograd (League) and Special Delivery (Empire) have had their reward altered. Now they will reward characters who finish the quest with 5 Phylacteries of Passage.