21 - Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor - A closer look at...The Interface

In this focus, we will present the main interface changes and additions in Allods Online Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor. There are some new social features, like the handy bulletin board and the new fancy emotes, as well as the calendar, which will help you organise your daily quests and events. Other parts of the interface have been redesigned for your viewing pleasure and for maximum usability. Numerous bugs have also been fixed.

Bulletin Board

The new bulletin board is accessible from the social window (G key by default), and consists of 3 tabs:

  1. Looking for Group:
    Tired of spamming the zone channels to find companions? If you are looking for a group, then this is the place to be. In this tab, every player can create a message (but 1 message only). The name, level, class and guild of a player is displayed, along with their custom message. The message is visible by characters in a +2/-2 level range. For example, if you are level 15, only players with a level from 13 to 17 will see your message. Other players can directly contact or invite the author by clicking on the Reply and Invite buttons to the right. Once you join a group or you disconnect from the game, your message will disappear from the Looking for Group tab.
Allods Online Looking for Group window
  1. General Announcements:
    This tab is dedicated to trading and other general announcements. If you are a crafter and you have trouble finding customers, you should definitely try it out! This tab displays the same buttons and information as the Looking for Group tab. You will need Magical Ink, an item from the Allods Boutique, in order to post messages in the General Announcements tab. In General Announcements, you are not limited to only one message.
Allods Online General Announcements window
  1. Guild Announcements:
    You can only use this tab if you are a guild leader or a senior officer. It’s a good place to look for new guild members, organise custom events with other guilds, or anything else you can think of in a Guild scenario. Like the General Announcements tab, you can post several messages. Each message costs one Magical Ink.
Allods Online Guild Announcements window

The calendar is a new feature of Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor. It will allow you to browse through the daily and repeatable quests of the game, as well as some regular timed events. For each quest/event, you will be able to see the objective, level, zone, rewards, and even its popularity among the players. If you want to quickly find a quest/event by name or by level, the filters are at your disposal.

Allods Online Guild Calendar window

As soon as you log into the Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor, you will notice two new smiley icons sitting on the top of the chat window!

  • Emotes:
    Allods Online already had emotes in its previous version, but now, there is a handy grid of icons to quickly find the one you want, and the emote text is displayed in the chat window! You will find emotes for all kinds of situations, from “Incoming” in a combat to “Bow” for roleplayers.

Allods Online Emotes window

  • Emoticons:
    The second icon displays a list of emoticons, which are smiley faces and other drawings commonly found in forums and instant messengers. You character will not make a gesture, but the emoticon will appear over its head, and a line of text will be displayed in the chat window.
Allods Online Emoticons window

Other improvements and fixes
You will notice many other modifications in this new interface. To name only a few:
  • Improvements:
    • Martyr’s icon is now clickable and displays a menu to select your stat bonus.
    • You can add friends by right clicking on party/raid members and on members in the guild list.
    • With the new readiness check, you can make sure everyone is ready before charging.
    • Class Icons are displayed overhead, so you will know who does what in a glance.
    • The Allods Boutique interface has been revamped and is now easier to browse.
    • The Piercing Gaze quest will allow you to inspect other players.
  • Fixes
    • Items will not be bugged in mails anymore.
    • Rune extraction now works properly when the bag is full.
    • A warning message has been added when you try to insert a rune in an item which already contains another rune.
    • Friend list has been fixed.