17 - Statement from the Producer

Dear Sarnautian,


What a summer! Things are crazy but I need to let you all know our plans for the present, the very near future and the longer term agenda of Allods Online in Europe.


Last week, I went to Russia to meet Astrum Nival, and it went well, even the smoke disappeared whilst I was there for a couple of days. I got to visit their offices and there are lots of people working on Allods Online, developing and integrating the future, but also working directly to address the views and concerns that the European community has. But enough “blah blah,” it’s time for some hard facts.


My main priority is to address the incense issue and provide you alternatives. We are currently testing “Volume 1+” on our test server that will feature modifications of the title for the European market. It will add in some game elements that were planned for a later patch, as well as introducing all new mechanisms which will appear in the game as a direct result of the feedback you have provided.  Once more, you have been heard; just give us some time to implement the changes.


Here what’s in store for you once we go live with Volume 1+:


The Rough Dragonhide Backpack is now tradable, and does not bind when equipped.  This means that you can auction it, or pass it along to alts once you’ve finished with it.

The Small Deposit Box is now tradable, and does not bind when used.  This means that you can also auction it, or pass it along to alts once you’ve finished with it.

The expiration date on items acquired from the Boutique has been increased to 30 days.

The experience in the Astral has been smoothed and polished: players should now encounter allods way more quickly than before.

Astral encounters have been polished: they are now a bit easier than before, but still challenging and fun. Moreover, the HP of mobs has been decreased and the quantity of drops has been increased.

A daily quest has been added. When players complete this quest, they will receive the effects of Incense for a specific duration depending on their level range. This quest can be completed every day; you’ll need to talk to Marianne de Ardeur (League) or Elizaveta Rysina (Empire) to get it. More details on this will follow in the patch note when it is ready to go live.

Another daily quest is added in game to get Letters of Mark (experience potion). You may get this effect without going to Boutique, all you need to do is the quest. You will want to speak to Yuri Kavelin or Lev Polyakov in game for this quest.


We have already tested some of these elements and some are being fine tuned. These new features might not hit the live servers at the same time, but they will all come to the live servers at some point in volume 1+. As the effects of Incense are the priority for us, as soon as it is 100% good to go, it will be placed onto each server, along with the Astral smoothing, regardless of the progress of the other new features. As of now it is scheduled to go live, at the latest, the week of the 30th of August.


As a side note, we tested the ‘new’ Astral a few days ago and it’s looking good, but because the daily Incense quest is one of the biggest concern, we will wait to launch the Astral changes until it is ready to go live as well.  In the meantime, as you may have noticed, we have applied a 50% discount on incense until the end of August.


We believe the daily quest that provides the effects of Incense is a step in the right direction, as is the one with Letters of Mark as rewards and it comes directly from your feedback.

Astrum Nival designed and developed those to be available in the game very fast. However, this is not the end, we are still discussing with the developer about going deeper with this key item and there might be new game design incorporated in the future. They want, as we do, to find something more suitable both for the players and their vision of Allods Online. So for now, we will see how it goes with those 2 quests and other adjustments. Based on the feedback we will receive, further changes may take place.


If you have been following Allods Online at GamesCom you will be reading about the future of Allods Online and what you can expect. As I was in Germany for this Game Convention I haven’t had the chance to tell you all this, however I have had interviews and I’ve asked that these Journalists pass on the good word! The future is simply wonderful and Allods Online is just beginning.


Here are some elements:


A new zone will appear on the Empire side at a level roughly around 20 so that the progression will be equivalent as it is on the League side. No more imbalances. This zone is called “Dream Factory” at the moment. Hopefully, it will please Yasker.


A guild progression system will be implemented in game. Yes, your guild will have levels and (of course) rewards at each levels. Here is some information on the mechanism:


  • At level 1 (of the guild) the guild leader has a tabard. They can give this tabard to one person in the guild. Each time this person completes specific quests or actions with the tabard, they will grant experience to the guild. At specific levels of the guild, the guild leader will gain more tabards that they can distribute to more trustee members. Example of an effect at a specific level: your guild alchemist, with the tabard equipped, can create alchemy potions that have a bonus on duration.
  • At level 15 (this might be fine tuned or adjusted), you will unlock the guild emblem. You will be able to create it via an interface where you can choose patterns and layers to design your guild emblem. It will then appear on your cloak but also other locations in the future (stay tuned on this!).
  • A raid consists of 24 players, so something must happen when a guild has 24 tabards. This mechanism has no definite name just yet. I call it Astral Territorial War: your guild will able to fight every week against another guild to own a sector in the Astral and the allods that are in this sector. The two raids will fight on one of the 10 specific and newly designed allods and sectors where they will have to control specific points to win the battle. There will be bonuses for the winning guild. While I do not have all the rewards on hand, two benefits are more loot drops and direct teleports to the allods in this sector. In other words: no need to board your ship, you simply teleport there. Participation in the Astral Territorial War does not require you to board your ships. Tests showed that it would be too tedious this way, hence diminishing the fun so the developers decided that players would then teleport there.
  • There will be a specific interface to keep track of who has a tabard and how much experience they have provided to the guild.

There will also be many more interesting things coming with the brand new guild interface:


A new zone will be added for high level players. This area can only be accessed via Gipat. In it, the PvP is Free For All (FFA), meaning that you can even kill people from your own faction, however if grouped one cannot kill its own group members. During specific times and when 10 players are in the zone, an event is automatically triggered that will spawn chests for 5 minutes apiece. Chests will be of various sizes and will contain either orange or purple loot. Of course if you are hit whilst opening the chest the gauge resets. This should get you in the mood for treasure hunting! And in any case, you can always enter this zone to have some fun PvP fights.


The Arena of Death will be revamped. The main NPC that grants you access to it will be unkillable. At a certain time, an event will take place for a fixed number of hours. Basically the first 24 players from each faction hailing the NPC will be teleported inside the Arena of Death and a big chest will pop in the middle of the Arena...as well as a wave of mobs. Let the PvP and mayhem begin!


With those new PvP systems in game, we also expect it will be easier to achieve the highest PvP rank and hence unlock the ruby point granted by the World Mysteries quests.


You can expect more new dungeons to reach our servers before the end of the year and more activities in the Astral.

Gorluxor’s tower is at the moment the ultimate dungeon to equip all classes and archetypes as they should be with legendary equipment. The missing bosses will be added, up to 8, and fine tuned. Guilds, go get the ph4t l00t and equip your members in legendaries!

The stats for white and green equipments will be slightly increased.

We will be introducing a new set of backpacks in game with more storage space.


Some of this information is vague, even though they are being developed or fined tune, and in due time we will be providing you with more information on these features and their mechanics. We are already discussing with the developer on when we can divulge more information on what is to come and provide you with more detailed information.


As you can see there is a lot coming up for progression in the game and a lot of content being added, as well as key elements being reworked. Moreover, a lot of the new content will be taking place in the Astral, so have your ship prepped and ready to go!


I’d like to thank you all once again for the valuable feedback you are providing daily. The dedication and enthusiasm of our European community makes Allods Online a better game. All we need is a bit of time to implement some of your feedbacks.


Your Allods Online Producer,