10 - Revelations of Gipat: A closer look at...Zak's Adventures

The Allods Online universe has a deep and complex history that spans thousands of in-game years with an impressive multi-part opus of videos games released over the past decade.  The Allods Online team has been careful to stay faithful to this rich canon while still giving players new and old a fresh interpretation of this lore.  This remains true even in the latest installment of the Allods Online epic: Revelations of Gipat, which revisits the same allod from Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Souls, or as it's better known, Rage of Mages 3.

Everything on the allod is new: new monsters, new NPCs, new quests, new areas.  And yet, everything carefully alludes back to that epic adventure centuries ago.  The player's character will be guided along the same path Zak walked, and may even recognise a few people and places along the way.  As they characters explore further and deeper into the rich landscape of Gipat, they will uncover the mystery of this allods seemingly timeless nature.


A Lost Soul


Three centuries ago, a young man named Zak awoke upon the Junish ruins of Gipat.  He had no notion of who he was, or from whence he came; his only possessions were the clothes upon his back and a small, rituatal dagger.  He wandered, lost in this strange land with no memory or knowledge to guide him, when he came upon a village.  Despite his own ignorance, the natives seemed to recognise him, calling him "the chosen one."


The village had been besieged from all sides: wild, untamed goblins were stealing their livestock, bandits overran the roads to the north and seemed to be allied with vicious orcs to the east.  The villagers believed that Zak was preordained to end their plight, and whether or not their prophecy was true, he did manage to do just that.  His investigations uncovered a conspiracy within the highest echelons of the village politics.  The traitor Zak ultimately exposed was none other than the mayor of the village, profiting heavily from the tensions and dangers he himself encouraged.  Zak quickly dispatched the villain and handed the leadership of the village over to an elder whom he trusted.


In search of Answers:


Despite Zak's victory, his own quest to discover his identity remained largely unanswered.  Once he was certain the village was safe, he set out to the East to visit an Orcish witch who, the villagers said, could see the future in her magical bowl.  Zak went to her and pleaded for answers.


Within her bowl, the witch saw an old, Junish man who, Zak realised, was a Great Mage.  The witch told him that the mage could be found in the ruins where Zak first awoke.  However, once returned there, Zak instead came upon an Ancient Dragon who agreed to answer any question Zak would ask if Zak agreed to complete several tasks.


Zak dutifully completed the Dragon's tasks, and asked the question he most wanted to know the answer to: Who was he?  The Dragon, however, was unable to answer the question, and gave Zak information as recompense.  To  the north was a camp of strangers newly arrived to the allod.  


"They will," the Dragon said, "lead you to the answers you seek."


A Great Mage


Zak followed the Dragon's instructions and came upon a camp of Xadaganians.  They claimed they had come to the allod seeking the mysterious, blue meteorite that protected ships in the astral, though everyone knew that Gipat had so little of the metal as to be worthless.


Zak was captured by this expedition, and locked away hopeless and furious that the dragon had led him astray.  While imprisoned, he met a small, curmudgeonly old man who agreed to help Zak escape in exchange for information about the expedition's true purpose.  Zak's mission was to collect this information and return it to the old man for translation.  Then, and only then, would the old man help Zak escape.


True to his word, once Zak retrieved the information, the old man led Zak to a series of tunnels where he could easily slip away.  Inside, Zak would have his first encounter with the eccentric and unpredictable Great Mage, Tka-Rik.


In Search of the Junes


Tka-Rik cared little for the fate of Gipat, for he was obsessed with finding more of his kind.  For several decades he had believed himself to be the last of the Junes, a great race of magicians and scientists.  However, he had recently discovered that there were two descendants yet remaining somewhere among the allods, and his greatest desire was to have them brought to him.  He was, however, the only Great Mage upon Gipat, and were he to leave, Gipat would have been destroyed, utterly.


Zak went in his place.


His adventures happened more quickly then: he was sent first to a desolate, icy allod where, after earning the trust of the locals by exposing a traitor, he is led to a beautiful woman who turns out to be the first Junish descendant.  They quickly fall in love, and she follows Zak on his quest.


The next allod they are sent to is a prison allod, and Zak is taken into custody.  It is there that he discovers an underground movement of freedom fighters who knew the Junish man that Zak had been looking for.  They told him that the man had teleported to Gipat some time ago.  Zak managed to escape from the prison and teleport back to Tka-Rik.


Secrets Revealed


It was only then that Zak discovered the truth.  The June who had teleported to Gipat had been Zak himself!  He had used a powerful spell to disguise himself, and when he arrived in Gipat the magics erased all of Zak's memory. Zak was one of the last descendants of the most powerful race on Sarnaut.


Tka-Rik then revealed his true motivations: he had been searching for the last Junish descendants to enlist their help in the battle against the Curse of the Junes: the astral demons.  Zak, now knowing his true heritage, donned the diamond armour of the Junes and took up his sword.  The rest is the stuff of legends.


Familiar Places



While the landscape of Gipat has changed over the centuries, many of the places Zak visited and battled upon still exist, and players will have a chance to explore these historical sites.




What used to be a Kanian stronghold in a hostile, contested territory, is now a sleepy village, almost eery in its quietude.  The inhabitants there are a pale, ghostly sort, who can sometimes be unsettling, but appear to be harmless.  Historians and Archeologists alike come to this locale in throngs in an attempt to understand Gipat's past.


Bandit Camp


The camp of bandits who liased between the traitorous mayor of the village and the Orcs to the east still wander to the north roads, among sickly green fires and tattered tents.  They do not always appear to be entirely human...


Orc Camp



Some things never change, and the ferocity of the Orcs is one of those things.  The Orcs on Gipat still maintain an intimidating stronghold with towering stone visages and particularly spiky décor.


Ancient Tunnels



With the last of his strength, Tka-Rik preserved the tunnels of Gipat in order to provide the leaders of the Empire and the League with the materials they needed to defeat the Astral Demon threat.  Despite their obvious power, these tunnels remain relatively abandoned.


Junish Ruins



Upon teleporting to Gipat, players will find themselves in the very same ruins in which Zak himself awoke.  As they explore their surroundings, they will be encouraged to walk the very same paths and slay the very same beasts to relive the glory of Zak's adventures.


Familiar Faces


The bests on Gipat have changed greatly since Zak first encountered them, but many of them are still recognisable to those who are familiar with the tales.



A fierce adversary, a wolf was the first beast Zak had to slay when he woke upon Gipat. These wolves seem different somehow...

Gipat has always had large, vicious toads, and Zak came toe to toe with many of these creatures, but these toads seem even more deadly than before.

While there's no sign of the Ancient Dragon who helped Zak on Gipat, there is an abundance of infant dragons. They have intimate knowledge of Zak's adventures and will guide you through the wilds of Gipat.

Some things never change. Those goblins lucky enough to escape the yoke of Orcish slavery are still wreaking havoc upon the country side.


Discovering Gipat

With 150 new quests and over 100 hours of new content, players new and old are anxiously awaiting to visit this lush, mysterious land.  Every character who attains level 40 will be able to visit Gipat, to do so, simply speak to any postal worker across the allods and "Ask about the letter regarding Gipat."  The postal worker will give every level 40 character a stone which will instantly teleport its user to the Junish Ruins upon Gipat.