14 - Revelations of Gipat: A closer look at...Martyrs and Patronage

Understanding Patronage


A few months ago, the Allods Online team published a comprehensive guide about the 12 Great Martyrs of Sarnaut, and the benefits they bestow to the citizens of the allods.  This mechanic provided players with gifts and protections they could call upon using a Cone of Incense to attract their Patron Martyr's attention.


This mechanic will remain in place after the release of Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, however, like many things in the upcoming expansion, the patronage system has been completely revamped and improved.  This guide will help explain all of the changes to, as well as entirely new aspects of, the patronage system.


Understanding Martyrs


In version 6, players could complete a specific quest at level 15 in order to attain the blessing of a patron martyr.  With the release of Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, players will be able to claim a patron of their own from level 4!  For characters on the League's side, Anastasia Yahontova on Evermeet Isle will provide the information required to obtain the protection of a Martyr.



For those characters on the Empire's side, Yegor Pisakin in the old square will guide the player towards their patron martyr.



In addition to introducing the player to their Patron Martyr, these NPCs will also reward players with seven days worth of Incense to burn in their martyr's name.


Understanding Incense


Another major change to the patronage system is found in the way Incense functions. In Version 6, Incense comes in packs of 20. Players can right click on a cone of incense to gain their martyr's protection for 30 minutes at a time. While active, the Incense provided additional hitpoints and mana points.


In Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, players will be able to choose from two different types a player can burn to attract the attention of their patron martyr.


 A Small Cone of Incense will burn for 24 hours.


 A Large Cone of Incense will burn for 21 days.


Instead of receiving a bonus to a character's hitpoints and mana points, while under the affects of Incense, players will now deal additional damage and healing.  The amount of damage and healing dealt will be determined by the level of patronage:


1st level+50%
2nd level+100%
3rd level+150%
4th level+200%
5th level+250%


While burning Incense, the cost to leave Purgatory early is also significantly reduced.  Additionally, while Incense is burning, each character is granted a bonus to a random statistic (e.g. +6 bonus to Strength).


With the exception of the fifth level of patronage, additional levels of patronage are achieved in game by completing various, simple quests throughout the allods.


Understanding Patron Abilities


Every character who is under the affect of Incense will have access to special abilities granted to them by their patron martyr.  Each level of patronage will give access to a new ability, as described below:


Martyr's Salvation: This ability restores all of your health and mana, as well as removing all Mental Overload Effects and restoring 10 Canons of Light. While not in combat, Martyr's Salvation will last 15 seconds. While in combat, Martyr's Salvation will last 30 seconds.


Martyr's Salvation is on a 30 second cool dowsn.

Martyr's Gift: This prayer instantly restores a portion of your health.


Martyr's Gift is on a 1.5 minute cool down.

Martyr's Guidance: This prayer instantly restores a portion of your mana or energy.


Martyr's Guidance is on a 1.5 minute cool down.

Martyr's Protection: Instantly cancels all movement impairing and control effects.


Martyr's Protection is on a 2 minute cool down.


 Rather than costing mana or energy, these abilities will be activated by using Mirra, which can be purchased from your local Servant of the Light, or acquired from the Allods Boutique.


 These abilities can be accessed in your Spellbook (P) by pressing the bottom icon in the left hand side of the Spellbook (P).  From there, you can drag the icons to your hotbars to quick key it for easy access.



Understanding a Martyr's Level



In addition to your character's own level of Patronage, Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat also provides you with the opportunity to level up your character's Martyr themselves.  Each time you use one of your character's Patron Abilities, their martyr receives experience.  When the Martyr receives enough experience, it will level up.


With each level a Martyr gains, the player's patron abilities become more effective, but will cost more Mirra.  Also, the bonus statistic granted by your martyr will increase significantly as the martyr's level increases.


The experience gained by a martyr is permanent.  Even if the effect of Incense wears off, the bonuses will remain the same once the protection of the martyr is active again.  The refinements and improvements to this system allow a patron martyr to grow and evolve with the player's character.


This new, unique system will provide characters the opportunity to grow even more powerful while they explore the long lost allods and Deep Astral of Allods Online.