12 - Revelations of Gipat: A closer look at... Frequently Asked Questions

The arrival of Allods Online Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat is rapidly approaching.  As your Allods Online team polishes the patch notes for this highly anticipated expansion, we taken the time to answer some of the most pressing questions you, our community has about the upcoming changes.  Please be aware that the information in this FAQ is a short summary of the changes, and full patch notes for the expansion will be released in the coming days.


Without further ado: Your questions.


1.  Will the loot tables for Legendary (or orange) items be adjusted?


     Yes!  In addition to all new loot tables for the new content, old loot tables have been adjusted to include cloth and plate armour, as well as weapons.


2.  How has the Patron Martyr (or Incense) system been changed?


     A comprehensive guide on this topic will be published tomorrow, Wednesday the 30th of June.

     Incense now comes in two sizes: a Small Cone of Incense -- which lasts 24 hours -- and a Large Cone of Incense -- which lasts 21 days.  All Cones of Incense and Large Kits of Incense acquired before the release of Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will have the same duration they have now.

     Instead of granting a bonus to hitpoints and mana points, Patron Martyrs now grant characters under the affects of Incense an increase to their damage and healing dealt.

     Patron Martyrs now bestow abilities to their followers.  Each of the first 4 levels of patronage grant a character a spell-like ability.  Instead of mana or energy, these abilities use Mirra.

     Level up your Patron Martyr!  Now, each time your character uses a martyr ability, it grants your Patron Martyr experience.  As your martyr levels up, the abilities become more powerful, but requires more mirra.


3.  How will the look and feel of Allods online change?


     Many aspects of the User Interface as been adjusted and improved to give players a better, more immersive experience.

     A full guide detailing some of the biggest changes can be found in our Official Announcements and Events forum.

     And of course, several more changes we will let you discover for yourself!


4.  What are add-ons?


     Add-ons are user-made adjustments to the User Interface of Allods Online

     Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will introduce the official support of LUA modifications, so players can customise their Allods Online experience

     It is important to note that while we will officially allow add-ons, the technical support team will only trouble shoot clean installs of the Allods Online client.  Should you experience an issue after Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, please remove all add-ons completely before contacting our support team at allods-en@gpotato.eu.


5. What happens if my character's talents have been completely changed?


     If one or more of your character's class talents has been deleted or replaced, that character's talents will be reset automatically. You will then have to re-assign those.


6. Will all allods in the astral be open for exploration again?


     Yes!  The issues with the astral allod "Zaleskaya Homeland" are addressed in Volume 1, and the allod is now available again for exploration.


7. How has the Player versus Player (PvP) system been improved?


     There have been some minor improvements to the PvP system in Allods Online, including:

               - Items used on NPCs no longer change the PvP Flag of a character.

               - Some camps have ramped up their security, with more guards in the camps themselves as well as around the teleporters.

               - NPCs have been added in Yazes Shard to promote PvP in that area.  Seek them out in either the League or the Empire camps.

     Watch for the full patch notes for more details on improvements to this system!


8. Has the Social window (G) been fixed?


     Yes!  Ignore, Friend, and Guild lists are now fully functional once more!

     Additionally, functionality has been added so that if a character is deleted, they will be removed from your lists automatically.

9.  How will the rune welding and embedding systems be changed?


     Items purchased from a vendor will no longer come with runes embedded in them.

     Some equipment will now require a player to create a slot in order to embed a rune.  Players will be able to acquire Steel, Mithril and Adamantine engraving kits either from the Allods Boutique, or from the Auction House.

     The bonus that embedded runes give a player has been increased.  Additionally, runes now affect healing done (in addition to damage dealt) when embedded into a character's shoulder armour or weapons.

     Once embedded, a rune will be bound to that character. This means that as your progress in the game you can keep your rune with you and simply take it out and attach it to your next piece of loot.

     The Professional Rune Removal Picks will be removed from the Allods Boutique.  They will be replaced with an Astral Rune Removal Seal, which will remove an embedded rune without affecting its level of quality at all, but is consumed upon use.


10.  I heard there were expiration dates added to consumable items.  Is this true?


     Yes, some items in the Allods Boutique will gain an expiry date.

     They must be consumed within 7 days, or they will be removed from a character mail, bag or bank vault.

     If an item expires, a mail will be sent to the character to inform them of the expiration.

     The expiration date will apply to items purchased before Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat is released.

     The expiration date applies to the following items:

               - Water of Life

               - Water of Death

               - Cones of Incense

               - Large Incense Kits

               - Vote "For" ballots

               - Vote "Against" ballots

               - All elixirs from the Allods Boutique (please note, this will not affect player made potions.)

     Any items new to the Allods Boutique in Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will be clearly labeled if they expire.  At the bottom of the roll over description, items which expire will say "7 day duration" in blue. Once purchased, they count down timer will begin and the text will change to red.


11.  Will Fear of Death really be taken out?


     Yes!  Fear of Death is completely, 100% removed from the game entirely!

     The Fear of Death mechanic has been replaced by the "Cursed Item" system.

     A detailed guide can be found in our Official Items and Equipment Forum.


12.  How do mounts work?


     In Volume 1: Revelation of Gipat, mounts can be acquired from the Allods Boutique, or purchased in-game from other players on the Auction House.  

     A full guide detailing the food and leveling up system can be found in our Official Items and Equipment Forum.

13.  What new content is available in Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat?


     Adventurers' level cap has been increased to 42

     Crafters' level cap has been increased to 420

     A whole new allod with its own unique quests and story arc to unravel

     A new heroic raid instance to test your guild's mettle.

     A chance to raid in Demon City or Gorluxor's Tower

     All new loot and equipment

     And much, much more

14. Will it still be possible to gain items from the Boutique by completing in-game quests?


     There are some quests which give players an introduction into different systems within Allods Online.  This includes quests introducing the Phylacteries of Passage, the new 24 hour incense, crystal chips, a temporary mount and others.

     The items received after completing these quests will be bound to the character.

     Quests for items such as the Rough Dragon Hide Backpack and Small Deposit Box have been removed.


15. Is that all that's coming? What about some of the issues in Version 6?


     There are many, many, many more changes, fixes, improvements and updates in store for Allods Online in this coming expansion!  This isn't even a fraction of the improvements that have been made.