08 - New Shards: A message from the Producer

Fellow Sarnautians,


Last Friday evening, I shed a tear when we ended the Closed Beta Test. It was an important milestone and it was tough for us to close the server down. This had to be done in order to polish, so we could provide you with the best Open Beta launch possible. Your reception to the Open Beta has been phenomenal; it warms the Allods Online team’s heart deeply and mine too.Thank you so much.


Your enthusiasm for Allods Online is so strong that, as some of you may have noticed, the early areas of the game are simply packed with players trying to get that snake kill. Hence, I am delighted to announce to you that we are working hard on opening 3 new shards as soon as possible. The first one will be a French community shard followed closely by an English and a German one. We are doing all we can to open the French new shard before the weekend.


The European English community will have the choice between ISA and ZAK. Zak was a great June Astral Demon hunter. We hope that you will be more successful than him.


The German community will have the choice between ARO and UGRA. The Ugra were the nomadic, tribal, ancestors of the Xadaganians.


The French community will have the choice between AIRIN and VLAD. Vlad was a Xadaganian Great Mage, said to be the first to die during the Astral Demon invasion.


I would also like to thank you for all your guilds, videos, and screenshots that you regularly post on the Guild Portal. It is really important for us to be able to provide you a place where you can look for the guild that suits you the most. We are always open to any suggestions you may have for the Guild Portal as it is yours, as it is ours.


So, in a nutshell, for those who do not read it all: you are the best community I have encountered so far.


Keep it up, it is worth your time.