20 - Letter from the Producer

Allods Online Letter from the Producer header

Dear Sarnautians,

We have just announced the release date for Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor to go live on the 5th of October. We hope that you will enjoy it.

We are aware that you are expecting more to come and some more adjustments to be implemented in the game for the European and American markets. We have all been working hard to implement a new incense mechanic in this summer hotfix and more changes are still being discussed with Astrum Nival, alongside with other specific features you’ll surely love ; just give us a bit more time :)

We wish to take the opportunity of this new Volume release to provide you with a wider overview of what will happen to Allods Online up to this Christmas, or at least our goals.

So far we have released:

Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat in early July.
Then at the end of August we applied a hotfix, based on your feedback, adding a free daily quest to get the incense effect, a free daily quest to get experience scrolls and fine tuning the Astral.

Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor on the 5th of October.
The main highlights of this volume are:

  • The evolution of the Astral where many allods have been changed, improved, or completely revamped.
  • In game community enhancement with a brand new board system.
  • A complete revamp of the Arena of Death with lootable chests. This might not be live for the 5th of October, if so it will follow up in a patch as soon as possible after the release of Volume 2.
  • Dream factory a new zone on the empire side for players’ level 20-22. And its famous massage quest, rooaarrr!
  • Many more elements and bug fixes that you can read in the detailed patch notes.
Before this Christmas, we plan to release:

Version 1.1.04 (sorry, we will not give you the name of the update just yet) 
As you can see we are skipping version 1.1.03.
In this version, the main highlights will be:

  • Sarn’s incarnation enters Demon City.  All the bosses are now live to be raided, may the best be equipped in Legendary equipment.
  • Thawing island (code name for this area at the moment) that will provide more PvP entertainment for players level 40-42 with no faction restriction to attack and epic chests!
  • Junes catacombs (code name for this area), a new unique dungeon for players level 40+ with free for all PvP.
  • Astral ships improvements with all new devices and major improvements on old devices.
  • Total revamp of the Guilds system with a new interface, guild levels and much more; this is the prelude to Astral confrontation.
Version 1.1.05 (sorry, we will not give you the name of the update just yet either) 
In this version, the main highlights will be:
  • The level cap is increased to 45 and thus smoothing the 41-42 levelling curve.
  • New areas for players 43-45, be prepared to travel into the Astral!
  • Modifications to instances and raid encounters due to the raise of the cap level.
  • Many other elements ;o) (sorry once more, you’ll have to wait still a bit more)
We hope that enjoy those highlights that should reach you before this Christmas, we are sure that you should now have even more questions about those and how the classes and archetypes will evolve and be affected in those updates. We will communicate about those deeper in the upcoming weeks.

Sincerely yours,