19 - Introducing Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor

Allods Online Rise of Gorluxor Banner

Today we would like to show you, the Allods Online community, the next update for Allods Online.

Introducing....Volume 2: The Rise of Gorluxor

The wait is nearly over and you can expect Volume 2: The Rise of Gorluxor to go live on Tuesday October 5th. All the recent updates we have 

worked on, such as daily quests for free double experience and incense effects are still there, but we now have some great new 

features which we plan to share in this news too. The full patch notes will be available soon and once they are posted you will find them here in this nice little placeholder we have set aside.

If you are still not 100% up on the Allods Online lore, let us fill you in on some of the fine details...

When Nezeb fell during the Great Astral Campaign, the citizens of the Empire mourned the loss of their leader bitterly with a funeral lasting years. When, at last, the empire began looking to their future, two prominent figures came to the front of the political scene. Gorluxor was a Great Mage who had spent centuries by the side of the fallen leader, and swore to continue Nezeb's vision of the Empire. Yasker was a young, charismatic war hero who was Nezeb's protégé. While Gorluxor had the support of the established Xadaganian powers, Yasker was clever and progressive. He went into the Orc and Arisen territories and promised the peoples there full rights as citizens of the Empire if they agreed to support him. When Gorluxor brought the amassed tatters of the Xadaganian army, he was met with the full, untapped force of the Orcs and Arisen. With defeat imminent, Gorluxor fled, and though traps were laid for him, Gorluxor eluded capture and, ultimately execution. His whereabouts has been one of the great, unspoken mysteries for the citizens of the League and 

Empire alike.

With Volume 2: The Rise off Gorluxor, not only will you have the opportunity to meet Gorluxor, but you and the rest of the raid will challenge him (and his clones) to a battle epic proportions! Will you climb Gorluxor's Tower and enter Gorluxor's private chambers? Only those brave enough to do so will uncover some of the greatest World Mysteries of all...

Of course with every update we bring in new features for all players to enjoy in the Allods Online MMORPG universe:

Allods Online Bullet PointThe evolution of Astral allods: many allods have been changed, improved, or completely revamped. Check out all new 
Bosses and mini-boss fights!
Allods Online Bullet PointAstral ship improvements: all new devices and major improvements on old devices. Astral Demons will rue the day 
they came across your ship.
Allods Online Bullet PointEnjoy all new community enhancements! Find a group, or leave messages for your fellow players and guild mates using
the brand new Bulletin Board interface. Be sure to efficiently taunt in that epic PvP battle with our new emote hotkeys, complete with some brand new, archetype-specific animations!
Allods Online Bullet PointClasses and archetypes polishing/fine tuning, make sure to check the spells changes!
Allods Online Bullet PointComplete evolution of the Arena of Death! You now have the ability to win bonus Battle Glory for your entire team, as well as the opportunity to win RareEpic, and Legendary items! Visit Yazes Shard to find out more! This might not be available in next weeks update but it will be coming soon and is a strong feature of Volume 2: Rise of Gorluxor!