10 - Introducing Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat...

“Unravel the mysteries of time in Allods Online: Revelations of Gipat”

The gPotato.eu Team is delighted to announce its first expansion, Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, which will coming this summer to the Allods Online MMORPG!


Thanks to the feedback given from the ever passionate and vocal Allods Online community, we are going to advance from the current Version 6 (1.0.6) right up to Version 8 (1.1.0)! This way we can offer our players, new and old, the best possible gaming experience in Sarnaut!


As the name suggests, the first Volume is all about Gipat, the allod where Zak awoke 100 years ago and battled the Astral Demons alongside the Great Mage Tka-Rik. You will be able to discover an entire new zone loaded with terrifying beasts and mysterious beings. Revelations of Gipat will offer a fresh adventure with roughly 150 new quests and give players over 100 hours of new content to explore.



Since evil never sleeps, soldiers from all factions must prepare themselves for upcoming battles which lie ahead. To assist these brave folk, the level cap will be increased to 42, as well as profession level caps which will also get a boost. With these new level increasements players can overcome the all-new challenges which await on Gipat, the demon city, and the astral!


There will also be mounts available for all those wanting to ride in distinct style. Based on your faction, you will either be able to ride the Kanian Steed or the Xadaganian Horse. There are also legends about a very rare mount that lurks unkown to the population of Sarnaut.



If that isn’t already enough, Revelations of Gipat also introduces some interesting game mechanic changes to the world of Sarnaut. These changes ( both small and large) will address many of the issues raised by the community. Keep your ideas coming


In the next few weeks we will providing everyone with more information about the Revelations of Gipat as well as some very helpful guides! We will also be releasing the patch notes at some point, but it's more fun if we don't give you all the details just yet...