15 - Encounters Focus

There is two types of encounters for players of Allods Online: The regular encounters for those of adequate level and reputation, and heroic encounters. To enter heroic encounters you will need to build your reputation to a level where you are known around the allods as a fierce soldier!  Each encounter can have a "group" enter (a group is 6 players). You can expect much better loot for your character should you enter "Heroic Encounters". Later on, you may come across encounters that allow up to 4 groups enter an encounter. These combined groups are also known as "raids", and have their own encounters. You'll just have to travel the allods to find them...


Here are 7 known encounters that players enter on daily basis. They all offer regular and heroic encounters so for those at high levels looking for an epic fight for great rewards, don't forget to check out each encounter for a different experience!


The Empire Encounters

Encounter: XAES

Location: South-East Nezebgrad, The Empire

Mission/Goal: The XAES power plant has been taken over by League intruders! Kill Afrany Kudesov and liberate the power plant!

Recommended Group Level: 10





Encounter: Laguna Boil

Location: West of the Dead Sea, The Empire

Mission/Goal: Kill notorious Mafia boss Viktor Korleone!

Recommended Group Level: 15 - 20





Encounter: Lab Thirteen

Location: Inside Tep's Pyramid, ZIT Headquarters, Imperial Archipelagos

Mission/Goal: First confront the Astral Executioner, then fight for your life!

Recommended Group Level: 20 - 25





The League

Encounter: Oreshek Fortress

Location: West Lightwood, Kania

Mission/Goal: Kanian Rebels have set up camp in Orshek Fortress! Break through and take the fortress for the League!

Recommended Group Level: 10





Encounter: Darkblood Citadel

Location: The centre of Tenebra, Kanian Archipelagos

Mission/Goal: Darkblood Citadel is home to a clan of vampire elves. You must kill Armado de Doucier, the vampire patriarch.

Recommended Group Level: 20 - 25





Encounter: Castle Blight

Location: Centre of Darkwater, Kania

Mission/Goal: A mysterious castle lies ahead...only the bravest men and women of Sarnaut will enter Castle Blight

Recommended Group Level: 30 - 35





Contested Encounter!

Encounter: Heart of Tensess Temple

Location: The centre of Asee-Teph, Holy Land

Mission/Goal: Enter into the heart of Tensess temple and defeat the many challenges that await you. They say an unknown entity named Shazalon resides in the deepest parts of Tensess Temple waiting for the most skillful warriors.

Recommended Group Level: 35 - 38





We did say that there was 7 known encounters, but there are always more to find! 1 encounter was recently discovered in the recovered lands of Gipat. No one has been brave enough to enter...until now.


Encounter: Caves of Gipat

Location: Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat

Mission/Goal: Discover the secrets of Gipat...

Recommended Group Level: 42


Will you be the first one to enter into the Caves of Gipat?