05 - Creatures of the Sarnaut World (broken)

Creatures of the Sarnaut World


Draconids are mysterious and dangerous creatures that have remained unknown to the inhabitants of Sarnaut for a long time. Nobody knows where they have come from or where they call home, what their purpose is or what abilities they have. One day we will find out.











Goblin Shaman

Goblin shamans can be encountered on different allods. Their attitude is very different among races. Orcs consider them as primitive creatures only worthwhile to keep as slaves, Kanians view them as of dangerous barbarians, and Xadaganians use them as cheap labour. Goblin shamans are usually leaders of the Goblin tribes.


Goblin Mage in Allods Online

Goblin Warrior













Junes Golem

The Junes Golems are ancient magical creatures created a long time ago by the extinct Junes. They were able to outlive their creators and have survived the Curse of the Junes. They are now carefully studied by historians, and especially by Mages who view them as a way to unlock the ancient magical secrets of the Junes civilization.









 June Golem


Ice Elemental

Ice Elementals are magical creatures that live on snowy allods. Most inhabitants of the allods consider them to be a product of pure Elemental magic, but there have been lots of cases where the Great Mages caused them to appear.












Minotaurs are sentient creatures that live in the steppes and deserted parts of Sarnaut world. Most of their tribes have been assimilated by the Empire. They live and work in cities where they are part of the population. They often have the duty guarding the main Imperial cities and are often employed as bodyguards. However, tribes of wild minotaurs remain on some distant allods.












Ogres are wild, unbridled and live in big tribes. They like their way of life, maintaining it by making sure that everyone is scared of them. The future of these creatures is bleak. It is quite likely that soon they will only be encountered on wild uninhabited allods.












Satyrs are strange creatures that live with the Kanians but always stay away from civilization. You will not encounter any in cities or villages. Despite their merry and thoughtless existence, they are more than capable of looking after themselves. They sometimes engage in battle with their friends or neighbours for no obvious reason.










Sharptooth Squirrel

Sharptooth Squirrels hide a violent temper behind their cute and docile appearance. They protect their homes in the forest with a violent rage, and will attack anyone who tries to challenge them or intrude in their territory.











Unlike Ogres, Trolls prefer to live a solitary life. To stay away from others, their homes are usually only found in the wildest corners of the allods. Stories say that some people have managed to establish contact with them, but in the minds of most of Sarnaut’s inhabitants, they are viewed as monsters that should be destroyed.



Ice Troll












The origin of Werebears is still unclear. What is obvious is that they have been created by a mad Great Mage, eager to mix humans and bears.













Zombie Mage

Another form of an undead inhabitant of the allods, his main weapon is a poison called ptomaine.