02 - Allods music

The Music of Allods Online


Allods Online features a deep and immersive soundtrack, influenced by a variety of classic and contemporary music. The music of Allods Online has been composed and created by two people at Nival Online, Mark Morgan and Vladislav Isaev.


The gPotato Europe team asked both for some background to the musical styles that players can expect inAllods Online, and we are happy to share their words with you.


Compositor of Allods Online Music
Vladislav Isaev


The music in Allods Online is influenced by a variety of styles, where did this come from and what was your inspiration for the music in the game?

The music in Allods Online combines lots of different elements and styles. These range from dark ambient and ethnic music, symphonies and rock music, as well as various industrial noises. Some tracks in the game retain a Russian melody spirit combined with high a quality production and its own unique sound.


For example, in Xadaganian locations of the game, the melody of the “Mayak” radio helped set a specific tone to the region. The Xadagan capital is filled with many small elements which should remind the players of totalitarian states, as pictured in many fantastic and sci-fi movies.


We combined any and all possible styles, methods and trends during the creation of the musical part of the Allods Online project. There is a lot of contrast between locations, races and so on in the game. We have worked hard to make the game as immersive and pleasurable as possible for players.


Allods Online music compositor
Mark Morgan


What was your inspiration whilst composing the Allods Online music ?

Vlad: Many things inspired me during the creation of the music for Allods Online. I had a variety of sketches, in-game screenshots, Russian cartoons and fairytales, the music of Eduart Artemev and of course the game itself.


Mark’s inspiration was from a variety of in-game videos, concepts and artworks, allowing him to build a more electronic approach to the game.


One band in particular which I can point to as an inspiration is Future Sound of London. They are really unique and each of their tracks has a wonderful and mysterious sound. Last but not least, the ordinary people I see every day inspire me, especially girls!


According to you, what is the importance of the music within a game?

Vlad: Music is an important component of completing a game because of the atmosphere it creates. It makes you feel where you are in the game. The mix of sounds and music must be synchronized, combining the sound of the wind, the leaves whispering in a breeze and the music. The sound and the visual aspects must be similar and together make a complete picture, in one seamless experience. They all combine.


Music makes the game complete by the atmosphere it creates. It makes you feel where you are. It allows players to experience the magic that they are in-game, with their characters. Of course when you hear the music outside of the game experience, you will return there in your mind. It is a very important part of the overall experience of Allods Online, and the music reflects the environment that players are participating in.


How many tracks will be in the game at release? 

We plan to have forty tracks in total written and composed for the release of the game.


Vladislav’s Bio
Vladislav was born in Moscow and began writing music in 1995. Initially, he started composing music using DOS on 386 computers. He first got acquainted with Mark Morgan in May 2004. Vladislav has a broad range of musical influences including Eduard Artemiev, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Mark Morgan, The Future Sound of London and Amorphous Androgynous.


Vladislav has worked at Nival Online for over a year and started working on Allods Online in mid-2008. When he was officially enrolled in the project, he suggested Mark Morgan as an additional composer, sent him a letter, and Mark agreed to work on the project.


Mark’s Bio
Mark was born in Los Angeles, CA. His first instrument was the classical piano. But as he discovered new styles of music influences, such as rock’n roll, his style evolved. He quickly became a performer. His greatest assets have always been his versality and his innovative sonic palette.


He learnt the techniques of composing work on movies and TV series. You can hear his work in TV series and movies such as: Dexter, Shark, Killer Instinct, Hawaii, Kojak, One Tree Hill and many more.


As Mark was always looking to expand and evolve his musical boundaries, he became interested in the burgeoning world of video games, where his “aggressive ambient” style was particularly well-suited. His work can be heard in games such as: Zork Nemesis, Dark Seed II, Shattered Steel, Descent II, NetStorm: Islands At War, Fallout, Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and of course Allods Online.