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The Saga of Allods Online


Allods Online is the fourth game in a series of games started by Nival Interactive, with the latest version developed by Nival Online.  The series has a history which stretches back to 1998, and a game lore that covers thousands of years of in-game history. Set on the shattered remains of the planet Sarnaut, players will have the chance to explore the Astral space, battle Astral demons and fight for domination of dozens of allods, islands floating in the Astral space.


Rage of Mages


The first game in the series, known as Rage of Mages in Europe, was launched in 1998 and combined role playing elements with an isometric real-time strategy. It was also one of the first games of its type to feature online multiplayer, allowing players from across the world to compete with each other. Players had to journey through the land of Kania on a quest to find a magical weapon to end the ceaseless war that ravaged the once noble Kanian Empire.


Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer


The second game in the series, known as Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer in Europe, was launched in 1999 and introduced a new enemy, the Necromancer Guild. The game featured increased multiplayer support, as well as a wide variety of new enemies, weapons and locations as players battled the undead armies of the Necromancers to put an end to their terrifying plans of world domination.


Allods Online Render for Skeleton Monster 



Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul  


The third game in the series, known as Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul moved from the isometric view of the previous two titles and instead introduced a 3D view and new game play style to the Allods universe. Players played as a new hero, who wakes up without his memory and must travel between three allods to unravel the mystery of the land of Gipat.


Allods Online is set thirty years after the events of the third game, and a thousand years after the events of the first game. Here, the inhabitants of the allods have discovered the secret of Astral travel, removing one of the Mages main tactical advantages: control over the Astral portals. This has opened the Astral for exploration.


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