09 - Allods Online European Guild Portals Reach 10k!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Sarnaut,

The Allods Online Game Master team is pleased to announce that the European Guild Portals have broken 10,000 members! To celebrate this, we have made some exciting new change, both large and small, that we've added to the Guild Portal over the past few days.

  • * Combined Communities: We have made several improvements to the Members Strip, including combining the membership of all of the European Guild Portals to better reflect size and diversity of the Allods Online European Community



  •        -Community Flags: Click the flag of each of the European communities to see that community's Guild Portal. This will give you access to a wide array information and guides, content to share, and discussions to participate in.
    •        -Member and Guild links: These links will lead you to the specific community of the Guild Portal you are viewing. This will help you find players and Guilds on your own server.
    •        -Social Media Icons: Each of these buttons will lead you to the Allods Online group on the social media network of your choice.
  • Front-page Make-over: Many features have been adjusted, moved, resized, and retweaked to help improve the usability of the front page of each of the Guild Portals. Some features include:
  • * Guild Banners: We realise how important it is to advertise your guild and recruit new members. To that end, we have given the Guild Banners the centre stage and moved anything that might have distracted from them. To have your guild featured in the cycle, just follow the instructions >>HERE<<.
  • * Forums: The Forum feed has been restructured to show you the discussions with the latest activity. Topics with the newest content will show up at the top of the list, but you can view a full summary of the forums here.
  • Blogs: Blogs have been given a more prominent position on our front page to highlight the creative talent of each Guild Portal's community.
  • * Guild List: To reflect our growing community, the Guild List on the right side of the front page now lists the 20 guilds with the most members. You can brown all of the guilds on your Guild Portal by visiting here.
  • * Community Spotlight: We have added a module called the Community Spotlight. Here we will highlight some of the best of the community's content. Screenshots, videos, and contest winners will all be showcased here, so keep an eye out for your own name!
  • * Allods Database Syndication: The Allods Online Guilds Portals now support syndication from http://www.allodsdatabase.com.*
    •        -*Third party sites and programs will not be official supported by the Allods Online team.
    •        -Players will be able to link directly to equipment, quest items, skills and more. 
    •        -When players roll over these links, a small window will pop up with all of the in-game details regarding the item. 
    •        -This will help players help each other, with information on quests, class equipment, and builds.
  • Guild Portal Development: We have added an In Development page to each of the Guild Portals. From here, you can view all of the upcoming projects we're working on, leave your feedback on the planned features, and even submit content for upcoming projects. You can view the page >>HERE<<.

  • * Wibiya Tool Bar: The biggest change is our new Wibiya bar, which will allow you to share your favourite content from all of the European Guild Portals quickly and easily. The Skysa chatbar will still be available for now, it's simply been moved to the top of the page. 

The Wibya Tool bar will make content on the Guild Portal available for instantaneous sharing with guildmates, friends, and foes alike. 

See a picture you like? Just roll over the image and click on the "Click here to share" box. A pop up window will let you share it with everyone without ever leaving the Guild Portal!

Found a gem of a post that no one knows about yet? Be the first to tweet any page on the Guild Portal by clicking the Twitter button!

Connect to your Facebook profile instantly, and stay logged in without ever leaving the Guild Portal. Anything you "Like" will automatically be included in your feed!

  • *Wibiya Break Down: From left to right, the icons do the follow:
    •        -Translate: Click here to translate the Guild Portal you are on to your native language. Options include Italian, Russian, Serbian, Portuguese, and many more!
    •        -Latest GM Posts: Click here to see the latest posts made by your GMs.
    •        -Scroll to Top: Click here to quickly go back to the top of the page your are viewing.
    •        -Notifications: Click here to see the latest announcements from your GMs.
    •        -Random Page: Click here to visit a random page on the Guild Portal you're currently visiting.
    •        -Facebook Like: Click here to quickly Like a page, image, video or anything else. This will pop up a window to log into your Facebook, so you don't have to leave the Guild Portal.
    •        -Recent Activity: See what's been shared recently from the Guild Portal you're visiting.
    •        -RSS: Click here to subscribe to the gPotato.eu or Allods Online RSS feeds.
    •        -Share: Click here to quickly share a a page, image, video, or anything else to your favourite networks.
    •        -Facebook: See the latest news and comments from our Facebook Fanpage.
    •        -Youtube Videos: Click here to view the complete library of Allods Online videos from the Allods Online Youtube Channel. The library will open in a small popup window so you don't have to leave the Guild Portal.
    •        -Twitter: Be the first to tweet a page, or see what's been tweeted from the page you're currently visiting! You can also see the most recent Tweets from your Allods Online GMs here.

We hope that these new features will help improve your experience on the European Allods Online Guild Portals. Please feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions here, or you can always let the GMs know what you think with a PM or a quick chat!

Best regards,

Your Allods Online Team