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One of the most highly anticipated features of the upcoming, much-lauded expansion of Allods Online is the implementation of mounts. Like the rest of the game, the Allods Online mount system is deep, but layered so that casual and hardcore players can both enjoy it, whereby players maintain a stable of beasts which can be trained and leveled-up just like a player's character.


With the release of Allods Online: Revelations of Gipat, two unique mounts will be available in game. The mounts are:


Kanian Steed

Xadaganian Horse


How to Get a Mount


Mounts can be acquired either through our Allods Boutique or from other players on the Auction House. If your character is a member of the Empire, you will become the proud owner of a Xadaganian Horse. If your character is a member of the League, you will ride the beautiful Kanian Steed. These horses have very unique appearances that suit the culture and personality of the factions. Aside from their appearance, these mounts have the same statistics.

If you are hoping to "test drive" the mounts, there are quests for each faction which will give you a taste of the speed and exhilaration you will experience on a mount of your own! Talk to the City Guides of Nezebgrad and Novograd for further information.


How to Stable Your Mount


 When you acquire a mount, an icon will appear in your bag. When this icon is clicked, it will vanish from the pack and there will be a new icon on the character (I) screen representing your personal stable. By default, your stable will have one stall available for your Xadaganian Horse or Kanian Steed, however other mounts may open further stalls.



How to Use Your Stable


To use your stable, you can click on the new icon in your character (I) screen, or you can open the stable interface directly by pressing J. From here, you will be able to see all of the information about your stabled mounts at a glance:



Your Mount's Level: The level of your mount is displayed at the top of this interface. With each level, your mount will improve, gaining speed, and health as well as reducing the time it takes to summon it from the stable. Each mount can gain 11 levels in Volume 1, so your investment will improve greatly as you continue your adventures in the Allods Universe.


Your Mount's Experience: Your mount gains experience when you feed it. With each feeding, it gains one experience point. If you hover over this part of the interface, you can see further information regarding your mount's experience level and appetite.


  • Current experience shows how many experience points of the current level your mount already has.
  • Left to gain the next level shows how many more points your mount will need to achieve the next level.
  • Total food shows how much feed you have available for your mount.
  • Feedings available shows how many feedings you have left for the day. Each day, your mount will gain experience for the first 48 feedings. After that, while you can still feed it, it will not gain experience until the following day. This fact will be noted in red once you have achieved the maximum number of feedings.

Your Mount's Stalls: By default, your stable will have one stall available for your mount.  However, as you discover other mounts in the Allods Online Universe, more stalls will become available to you.  If you have more than one mount available in your stable, you can switch between them by clicking on the mount's icon.


Your Mount's Statistics:  This panel will give you information about your mount's current statistics.


  • Health: Your mount will have a certain amount of health.  Should you be attacked while riding, your mount will absorb all combat damage, giving you time to prepare for battle or escape.  Your mount will be given a health meter right below your own, on the left hand side of the screen:


Should your mount lose all health, it will vanish.  You will be able to resummon it via the Stable (J) interface.  If you choose to fight back against an attacker whilst on your mount, your mount will automatically be unsummoned.

  • Regeneration: If your mount is injured during a desperate escape, this is the amount of health it will recover per second.
  • Speed: This is the rate at which your mount will travel.  As your mount levels up, it will be able to achieve blistering speeds that will allow you to traverse allods in no time at all.
  • Summoning: This is how long it will take to summon the mount.  As the mount levels up, this time will become smaller and smaller.

 Your Mount's Appetite:  Like any other beast of burden, you will have to attend to your mount's nutritional needs.  Feed can be acquired from the Allods Boutique.  Keeping your mount well fed has several benefits: your mount gains a certain amount of experience from being fed each day, each level gained will improve your mounts speed and heartiness.


Additionally, when a mount is well fed, its performance is much improved.  The amount of health and its speed will increase greatly as long as its belly is full.  Each feeding will give a mount 30 minutes of increased performance, which can be stacked up to 3 times for a total of 1.5 hours of increased performance.  It is extremely energy efficient because *this timer only counts down when you are riding your mount.*


If your mount's timer counts down all the way, it will not lose any of the levels it has gained, but its statistics will be penalised while it's "hungry" until it is fed again.


You can see how much feed you have available on the currency tab of your character (I) screen.  There, you will also be able to see how many stalls your stable has available.