02 - White Lion

The admiral returns with the crew and their ship, and the within the bowels of that ship lies a certain chest that is hot property!


 That's right, the Admiral's Strongbox is back, and this time the Admiral has brought some new and exciting items that any lucky players could be the winner of!


Expect top items such as Astral Elixirs, Parchments of Purification and what's this?...A glowing harness that will lead players towards a very special mount!?


Some players will come across fragments of an ancient text called "The Study of Perfection." They will come in pages, chapters and for those lucky enough the completed text itself, will help players hone their skills in physical skill and magical arts. Marianne de Ardeur, the Divine Prioress of Novograd, or Elizaveta Rysina, the head of Nezengrad City Council, will explain to you how to use these items.


As an extra bonus, we will also have a great offer. Those who snatch up a stack of 10 Admiral's Strongboxes will get an additional Admiral's Strongbox for free! That's right 11 Strongboxes instead of 10 if acquired via the bundle of 10 Strongboxes that you can find when browsing the Chests section of the Rare Items tab.


Of course everyone will be out to get the the Admiral's Strongbox, that's why it will only be available from Thursday 5th of August until  Wednesday the 11th of August.


Here is a full list of what can be won, remember it's a lottery so you could win any of these items, each chest carries 1 reward!


 Page of "The Study of Perfection"

 Chapter of "The Study of Perfection"

 Volume of "The Study of Perfection"

 Completed "The Study of Perfection"

 Rare Parchment of Purification

 Epic Parchment of Purification

 Legendary Parchment of Purification

 10 Astral Elixirs: They will boost all your primary stats by 40 for one minute!

 2000 Mirra

 5000 Gold Dust

 10000 Gold Dust

 Level 1 Clear Rune: Right click on this item, and you get a level 1 rune of your patron martyr!

 10 Phylacteries of Passage

 Glowing Harness (Majestic Lion Mount)


To view the Admiral's Strongbox, jump to the Allods Boutique, visit the Rare Items tab and select Chests where you will find the Admiral's Strongbox.


 Remember to check back on a regular basis for other great items in the Allods Boutique! To access the boutique, click on the chest icon in the bottom left hand corner of the user interface.