F - Boutique Allods

Allods Boutique

Allods Online offers the ability to acquire items for fashion and convenience through the in-game Allods Boutique. These items allow characters to increase their carrying capacity, enhance their crafting efficiency and sport unique and stylish outfits. The Allods Boutique emphasises convenience, providing in-game items at one quick and central location.


To use the in-game shop, click on the icon "Allods Boutique", located in the lower left corner of the interface:


gPotato are used as the in-game currency for this specialised boutique. gPotato can be purchased through our portal gPotato.eu

To learn more about an item, scroll over it with your mouse cursor. Basic information will be displayed for easy reading. Product values are displayed in gPotato and listed near the product name.

If you would like to view more information about an item, click on its icon. This will display further information in the main pane of the Boutique window.

From the boutique window, you can also keep track your most recent purchases

as well as the amount of gPotato currently on your account.

From this panel, you can choose to add more gPotato (left), see your current balance (middle) and refresh your balance after a purchase (right).